The Evil Gadhimai massacre

Dear friends,
I’m sending this out with a very heavy heart…Despite all the positive action, which, for example, resulted in India banning animals from being taken over the border into Nepal –  the terrible Gadhimai massacre (to venerate the goddess of ‘power’) is about to begin again…
This is human dominion at its very worst…
Please add your voices to Compassion In World Farming’s campaign – and ask as many others as possible to do so too. The Nepalese government needs to be sent the strongest possible message…
Compassion investigators have just reached the site of the Gadhimai slaughter festival in Nepal. In a few short hours, the mass sacrifice will begin.
Join us and tell the Nepalese Government: Never again.
This weekend, the world will be watching as the Nepalese Government stands by and allows hundreds of thousands of animals to be brutally slaughtered.
Our investigators will be watching too. They will document this terrible festival to back up our demand to those who can help stop it:

For months Compassion campaigners have been working tirelessly to stop the inhumane slaughter at Gadhimai festival. Many of you demonstrated alongside Joanna Lumley outside the Nepalese embassy in London earlier this year. And by joining forces with like-minded organisations and individuals around the world we’ve turned what was a local issue into a global issue.

The Indian Government has committed to stop animals crossing the border into Nepal, and we have pushed hard for enforcement of relevant legislation designed to protect animals and people within Nepal. As a result, we are hopeful that fewer animals will be involved in the festival this time around, but we sadly expect that it will still continue.

Please, tell the Nepalese Government: Never again.
Best wishes,

Pru Elliott
Campaigns Officer
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One Response to The Evil Gadhimai massacre

    1. This horrific atrocity – which has caused such immense and terrible animal suffering, and on a scale which is just unimaginable – must never be allowed to happen again.

      Our fellow, sentient beings have natural rights: to their lives and to freedom from bodily harm – just as much as we do.

      Would we want to suffer this? No.

      Do as you would be done by. The Golden Rule: and “golden” with good reason.

      Nothing justifies this.

      Comment by Marie Finch on 3 December, 2014 at 8:51 pm

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