The Fat Face

The Fat Face 2


The fat face of the new era,
Of greed and google, where
Corruption and disruption go hand in hand
In a carnal fiesta, hiding behind piecemeal choice.

Layer upon layer of apparatchik conceal the bloated core,
The beating heart that consumes all our blood
Leaving anemic and starving the rest, who
Must sell their very existence to merely exist.

The fat face of the new era,
Of drones and sponsored warfare
Eats homelands as if they’re McDonald’s,
Bodies and communities Scattered like empty wrappers

The fat face of the new era,
Spews out the spoils to the deluded
Who guzzle with delight and ignorance
The oil, the dates, the olives and more.

The fat face of the new era
Will ask you to vote,
Will offer you change.
Ask yourself, when did this start? how will this end?


Written by Francis de Aguilar©.
Illustration Nick Victor


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One Response to The Fat Face

    1. Great artwork, as always Nick.

      Comment by Francis de Aguilar on 9 October, 2014 at 7:54 am

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