The Flying Prince

UFOs return many years later. The prince rides the ship in the middle. It has an auditorium. The aisles are filled with the chess pieces.

The prince still wears a Jimi Hendrix Royal Hussar jacket over his Lennon tee. He hasn’t aged a bit, but we have forgotten him, forgotten that the flying saucers take time out of the equation. 

The prince has been practicing a speech and an anthem in his solitary auditorium, but when he sees that we have flared up another war he stays silent. Perhaps we can never remember about ourselves. Perhaps the time that doesn’t age the prince ravages our memories with doubled hunger.

We feel cold, writhe, watch the ships and kneel down. The rays turn the tree tops into brown, saffron, Mandarin, crimson and purple. 

The prince offers us Autumn.

We stand up, bite our nails and stay distant. Fear takes the prince’s name. We are unimpressed with his gift. The season will come here anyway and mess with the yards and lanes. 

The lips of the prince quiver. The emotion on earth begins to curl his mind as it it is peace’s autobiography ignited. and gray his hair. He must fly and leave the sphere of time once again.



Kushal Poddar
Painting Nick Victor


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