The Girls



If a person is highly regarded, then that regard bestows a certain subtle power, and thus the scramble to be so regarded. Although we live in a patriarchy, there are certain myths which hold that matriarchies have existed, albeit in the distant past.

For instance, a misogynist may regard women as, at worst, sub-human; but from a matriarchal viewpoint a similarly dismissive judgement may well, and often does occur, but as yet seems to have no name.


 Maggie is taking a walk when she sees her friend Doris; she stops and speaks:

‘Janice tells me that she saw you out with my boy-friend last night. He told me he was working late.’

‘What a lying bastard,’ says Doris. ‘As far as I’m concerned he’s the most boring drip I’ve come across in a long time. Why do you put up with him?’

‘Well I know he’s a drip, but he does have a nice smile,’ says Maggie.

‘So what?’ says Doris. ‘He’s an out and out wanker.’

‘I know that too,’ says Maggie. ‘In fact that’s what I called him the other day when he was going on and on about Wittgenstein, I said: “Why don’t you shut up about Wittgenstein? You’re a bloody wanker, and you haven’t even noticed my hair.’

‘Yeah, bloody wanker,’ says Doris.


Dave Tomlin from Power Lines

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    1. makes women out to be superficial idiots – why – is the writer, god-forbid, a secret misogynist ?

      Comment by su rose on 7 February, 2013 at 6:04 pm

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