On the go? Yeah! Always!
So – back to the here and now:
We’ve highlighted the pressure right?
Re-tune your no-holds spin-off drama
Get off my toe you idiot!
We were a couple of stylish geezers
Skirt-crazy thrill-seekers melting hearts
Chasing down answers and – oh yeah!
Looking for alternative objects, or
Nubiles on the razzle – phwoah!

Time to splash the cash right?
Thought you’d never ask! Doncha
Love that Pina colada chill-out experience?
Ha! Ha! So what’s going on?
I’m good! You? Laugh or cry?
Smarten up your day no visible lines
Here’s the latest pop-up production sort of
Orbiting space junk unintentionally weird
A big bold move – yet it’s more of the same
Oohs and aahs, hugs and tears, flounces – crikey!

Bring it on! Cummin’ up! Voila! Tres bien!
It’s a people thing – how about that?
Well that’s when the mystery magic happens
And it’s spine-tingling stuff!
You gotta feel it to believe it right?
Quite a pivotal moment – yeah well
Hi there! Cheesy grin – thanks very much!
It’s a day of mixed emotions almost amusing
Let’s take a look: lot of nerves jangling here
Very tense situation – what more do we know?

A space storm warning from left-field
I know this is a big ask just bring yourself to
Tell a surprising and untold story or whatever
Tempting? Just talk us through on stilts.
That was quite bizarre but we are where we are, right?
If you squint you can see from those crazy pictures
Roots branches knockout shapes and shadows
Night has fallen so just go with the flow…
No let-up in pressure on those regular updates
Nu disco invisible mending and a cuddly toy

It’s the way of the world doncha know
Technicolour Vista Vision opens every day
Human drama dodgy cigs shocking blue films
To flip your vibe; more sizzle makes it easy!
Hurry! Hurry! Where’s the pause button?
See you in court ducky – oh right ok ok ok
This demands a moment of celebration an
Up-to-the-minute snappy-clappy chat
Well I said to them I said it’s what we do!
That’s it! Back to you!




A C Evans

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