julie 2
Hard to know In a world of Immaculate Fakes,
Who are the Vampires? Who’s got the stakes?
Who’s feeding on who? Who rattles the bones?
Who are the Dark Gods In these new Twilight Zones?
What is the message? Who is it for?
And who gets to clean up The mess on the floor?
Who are the Vampires? Where is their nest?
In the soul of the boy With the bomb in his vest?
In the mind of the zombie Who pilots the drone?
Who is Count Dracula? Where is his throne?
Some one call the Doctor: Van Helsing’s the name!
Is there no one to lay down The rules of the Game?
See, back in the Old Days “They” knew who was Boss.
We had Sunlight and Garlic And a big pointy Cross.
Now we’re all Monster mashed. No one knows who is who. You look in the mirror And see no reflection…
Looks like The Vampire
Is you.
julie 1
Poetry: John Crow
Vampire paintings: Julie Goldsmith

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