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Some Common Plastics and their appearance.
, phenol formaldehyde, is a proprietary name for a thermosetting invented by Mr Baekerland. It is invariably opaque and is only found in dark brown and black.
Melamine and urea formaldehyde are thermosetting resins usually formed by compression moulding. They are opaque and may be brightly coloured, including white.
Casein, manufactured from milk protein unsuitable for moulding usually machined or otherwise fabricated. Opaque but white translucent and any other colours possible.

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Definition of Descriptions.
Fine: – as close to new as an article of its age can be expected to be.
Very good: – small signs of wear, no cracks, staines or dents.
Good: – average condition. All defects are noted.
Fair: – worn in some places but complete. All defects are noted.
Poor: – All defects noted. Suitable for restoration.

Bakelite radio with melamine or urea facing and knobs; facing in art deco style.

Radio 01



The Bakelite Ultra 401 .
Has variable voltage 200v/250v switched from back.
The cable is original; the device has not been tested.

30 cm wide
20 cm high
16 cm deep

Good Condition. Three of the 4 feet have been replaced with bolts
The rear panel has not been opened, but the radio appears to be full of works including themonic  valves.


Bakelite Office Desk Accessory

2015-01-23 12.57.52


Bakerlite roller method (bog roll) apointment/telephone list, working.  Working mechanical reset button on top.

By John Corby Ltd of Winsor Branded “Countess Mara” on front.
Marked :-Pro.Pat:9480/50
                    World Patdents Pending

22 cms high at back
24 cms wide

Very Good condition , minimal stains, all working including automatic re roll. Requires paper strip.


Bakelite  Television Set


Bakelite Television  by Bush Radio.  Type TV 32

40 cm high
40 cm deep
33 cm diag. screen.

Very Good condition. Takes 1″ two pin plug in back. Untested.


Melamine or urea beaker


Beaker in striking red/blue jazz finish

“”Enduraware” by De La Rue  made in England

9 cm high
6 cm at top
5 cm at base

Fine condition


Bakelite RazorRazor


Bakelite Razor of the type known as “safety razor”.

There are no makers marks

8 cm x 4 cm

Fine Condition


Set of three melamine or urea egg cups

egg cups


Set of three melamine or urea egg cups

Marked ‘AB Ware, Made in England

3 cm at base
4.5 cm at top.

Fine Condition

Casein Trinket Box

Casein Trinket Box£35

Casiene box ivory finish. Fabricated from sheet.

No makers name.

11 cm x 7 cm x 2,5 cm

Very good. 2mm stain on lid. 1 mm grack on corner. Hinge perdfect.

Notes for me

Catalogue number

Full title.


Makers name and details.
Condition and notes

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