The ‘News’

The ‘News’

‘Our language is riddled with obsolete programmes
Our words wreathed in the habitual slogans of delusion.’
Bhagwan Sri Ramsbottom.

‘Newspapers’: This very name might lead one to suppose that they contain that which is new; but do they? Not really, in fact not at all, for they contain for the most part the most appalling clichés by our political masters who never it seems answer any of the questions put to them, but use them as an opportunity to deliver a prepared sound-bite which in most cases have nothing at all to do with the question asked.

Apart from the same old political waffle which take up most of the pages there are references to sport, fashion, food, business and money, money, money, money etc., none of which can be regarded as ‘news’, for this would require something truly new, a phenomena which has no interest to the producers of this medium.

What might be an example of ‘new’?

Steam engines for many years were fixed in position and used to pump water or haul coal-trucks up hills by cable. Then someone had the brilliant idea of fixing wheels to the engine itself and thus was born the railways. This was new.

The discovery of atomic power was ‘new’, although of course its first use was, to say the least, appalling, nevertheless it was not a cliché.

Frances Crick; James Watson and Rosalind Franklin’s discovery of the DNA sequence was also new.
Notice how Rosalind’s name has been misogynously airbrushed out of history.

John Harrison’s chronometer which defined accurate longitude and thus facilitating long sea voyages.

The discovery of penicillin.

The rebel Jew Jesus Christ’s demolition of Jehovah, the wrathful and vengeful god of the Hebrews which he replaced with a loving God and the admonition to follow suit and love each other; this was ‘news’ indeed.

But what now might be considered in this category?

How about the UFO phenomena, examples of which are occurring all the time but never reach the front page. Of course given the latest techniques in computerised manipulation of films, these events fall under suspicion, but is doubtful if they are all fakes.

Another contender is crop formations. Although the efforts of two men with planks of wood and lengths of rope to produce pathetic and primitive fakes of these formations, have sadly muddied the water.

Nevertheless, one glimpse of the latest examples; the large scale – impeccable accuracy and sheer beauty of which place them far beyond any technology which we have on the planet, makes them worthy of the front pages. But alas, not even a whisper occurs in the present cultural stream, and any who even mention them is regarded, (myself probably here included), as woolly-headed and rewarded with a knowing smirk.

The reason for this lack of mainstream interest is likely to be that the connotations of these two phenomena would make the limited toy-town mindset which prevails at present in our culture fall apart and reduce the status of our political masters to that of petty playground bullies.

For instance, consider the nearest star to our own Solar system: Light from Alpha Centuri takes four years travelling at 186 thousand miles per second to reach the Earth.

That’s four years at 186 thousand miles per second!

Stop for a moment and try to get the head around the awesome scale of that fact. Doing so should stretch the boundaries of anyone’s credibility; demolish all limited and complacent views and transform our daily ‘News’ into nothing more than puerile strip-cartoons.


Inhabitant of those long silences between  worlds
Shedding when close the light of gods
From your iridescent wing
And rising like a sunburst Phoenix
Into the hovering fire-fly night
To cast its thousand petalled feathers
At the brightest star.



Dave Tomlin
Art Nick Victor



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