The News Today (according to The New York Times)

Cold-blooded frogs are living in warm Antarctica
and the US is bracing for a grim milestone in deaths.
It will be a clean demise though, bodies bleached
from within, on the advice of the President and
whichever advisor he might be listening to today.

Rich restaurant owners and airline bosses
are demanding a bail-out instead of using
their reserves; these are stories which might
transport us elsewhere or at the very least
make us informed and angry. Will coronavirus

alter the college experience? How long will this
lockdown go on? How dare we be caged up
alone for the sake of our common good! Idiots
insist upon personal freedom as an excuse to die.
I say let them, no one is sure what will happen

next, but inside Joe Biden’s cloistered campaign
cocktail hour is back and couples scramble
to get married in tuxedos, gowns and masks.
We all need to reconnect and not inject bleach.
Crab on toast is a favourite recipe for disaster.



© Rupert M Loydell

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