The Nine Muses/Conquistador


Another girl-group singing acapella?
They sipped their milkshakes laughing   –
In a booth at Happy Sundaes
Their taste of fame still seemed distinctly distant

Perhaps you can recall that pleasant plateau
Before the rumours of their split went viral   –
Before they gave as one reply
‘We’re passionate about our separate projects…’

Solo albums surfaced   –
All variation in world literature
Became the jealous province of one isolated muse

We had taken their concord for granted   –
Lyrical lovers locked
In Cupid’s florist shop gave way
To industrial blue-grey
Power Suits of Academia
The study of English Literature

By custodians who count each syllable   –
Yet cannot sing themselves




Having subdued ‘the natives’
Quite to his satisfaction
And dreaming of an imminent promotion
He mistook a sleeping lion for a sand dune
Delivering one QUICK KICK
So hard his sandal sailed into the air…

This prevented running very far…

An obstacle placed squarely in your path
As picaresque disturbance on your journey
Is better accepted surely
Than to elevate your status prematurely
Above all-guiding Providence



Bernard Saint
Illustration: Claire Palmer

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One Response to The Nine Muses/Conquistador

    1. Wonderful, notable, a mixed joy to read and the illustration is superb!

      Comment by Edward P Johnston on 7 September, 2021 at 6:12 pm

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