The Ocean Cleanup Begins


The nonprofit global cleaning crew called The Ocean Cleanup, led by founder and CEO Boyan Slat, announced recently that it had reached viability of its ocean plastic-collecting System 002 technology and plans to begin cleaning plastic pollution in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch immediately while beginning development of System 003.

The Ocean Cleanup


Check out the Team Seas collab with The Ocean Cleanup and get involved

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3 Responses to The Ocean Cleanup Begins

    1. It’s criminal that the mainstream media are not covering brilliant initiatives like this, and many others like it, which, combined, could provide real positive solutions to ecological problems all over the globe. COP26 is proving to be, as expected, a platform for virtue signalling, hypocritical millionaires and celebrities who have no interest whatsoever in tackling causes and effects with invention and human ingenuity, but instead mislead with self-serving cult agendas and hot air, quite literally in Joe Biden’s case, which the media have chosen to focus on instead. Their other focus, the Queen, has been on this planet for nearly 100 years. Joe Biden in politics for 50 years. Shouldnt they, as people with considerable power and influence, take responsibility for the problems, rather than being presented as some kind of latter day saviours?

      Rather than leading by example, which would send a significant message to the world, the attendees fail to inspire with the message that it’s practical hands on projects like this which would make a huge difference if properly invested in. What a missed opportunity to flagship them at this conference. Instead it is being used to promote spurious reasons to implement a money grab from poor to rich, in other words business as usual.

      A more spiritual appproach and understanding of how a mass awakening and awareness of our divine connection to the earth (and, as Buckminster Fuller said, our stewardship of it) would highlight the schizm between us and the Creator, the fracture of our oneness with all sentient beings, and form an entirely new perspective, which would have a more profound, positive and lasting effect than endless showy gas guzzling motorcades and private jets which have been the hallmark of the entire convention, and what it will be remembered for. Using wisdom and common sense would lead to more happiness and abundance for all, as originally intended, and healing for both people and planet. None of the problems will or can be solved without it.

      Comment by Claire on 8 November, 2021 at 6:24 pm
    2. Glasgow as a pantomime of chicanery and subterfuge is personified by Humpty Dumpty. A persistent denier of climate change for years, his re-invention of himself as The Eco Champion of the World is breathtaking. However, there is no way conventional politics of any stripe or colour is going to save the world. The UK Left hailed Jeremy Corbyn as its saviour but under his watch it virtually ignored the politics of the environment. If a change is gonna come it will come from us and from us acting locally I believe. I remain optimistic. Shelley wrote in The Mask of Anarchy ‘ye are many they are few’ – and that is true.

      Comment by jeff cloves on 8 November, 2021 at 8:17 pm
    3. I agree Jeff it is more about mindfulness and local activity than the centralised global agenda, especially with China and India, the largest polluters, not coming to the table. The oft-repeated mantra “climate change” leaves people with no suggestion of what the solution is, especially when they see the main proponents of it expanding their own carbon footprints with reckless abandon. If the world was like a patchwork quilt of every country attending to its own communities and eco problems, it would be far more delightful as a whole – plus ofcourse the alleviation of poverty in the Third World, which could be solved if the political will was there.

      The truth is, like so many things, the genuine grass roots environmental movement has been hijacked by those with a very dark, evil agenda that does not have the people or planet’s best interests at heart, so far have they moved away from the divine accord.

      If only you had paid attention and listened to what I told you, your peace would have been like a river, your well-being like the waves of the sea.
      Isaiah 48:18

      Comment by Claire on 8 November, 2021 at 9:52 pm

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