The pink shadows of illusion

I ramble away after a little thought in a lost city and riddles that make the shadows.

And the pink illusion shadows despite the crowds, I find my self lost, riding the horse of the wind, dirhims might not be the price taking me where the mirage was born the home of sadness and where the heart becomes a stranger in his home.

A question needs a memory to be charged.

And a crossing gate.

An assassinated question

A dead question said through the wisdom tongue created by the emptiness logic.

A wise who is in sane from his chastity, eaten by bad thoughts.




Muhammed Gaddafi Massoud (Libya)

Date and place of birth 1978 Gharyan, Libya
He obtained an intermediate diploma in theater studies in 2000, Tripoli, Libya
He began writing poetry in 1996, began publishing in newspapers and magazines in 2000, and participating in poetry evenings and festivals entered Libya.
He published his poems in many Arab newspapers and magazines, and Arab critics wrote many articles and critical studies about him
His poems have been translated into English / translated by Ms. Rajaa Nakara from Tunisia and Ms. Nina Al-Sartawi from Libya


Translation by: louay alani. Iraq
Picture Nick Victor





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