The Psychological Battle for Truth – and the Power of the Farmers’ Uprising


The ‘deep state’ has no power over you. None. It can only try and make you believe it does.

And in this it is very clever, using sophisticated psychological techniques that give the impression of holding the dominant position and exercising the dominant power.

But this is a chimera; and immediately one sees it as such one manifests the authoritative position and the deep state is in check; it can only operate defensively.

This it does by putting up ever greater barriers to freedom of expression, movement and choice.

It knows it’s on the losing side, so has to pull all the tricks in the trade to make itself appear to be in control. It’s a psychological battlefield.

Edward Bernays, the founder of modern advertising, has had much to do with weaponising the powers of perception and deception. He found that you can get people to believe and do almost anything once you learn how to exploit their psyche with carefully chosen imagery and words. Once you tap into people’s widespread subconscious attraction to the trappings of seductive consumables.

The deep state’s corporate/banker led ‘seeming’ global dominance draws on Bernays’s cunning, using advanced insights concerning how to influence the functions of different areas of the human brain.

The objective is to come up with a blanket like web of virtual signposting pointing to the direction life must go in in order to overcome some purposefully manufactured crisis. A crisis that is claimed will otherwise cook, starve or destroy people and the planet.

People in a state of funk take all this to be real, of course, and plod on with their tunnel vision acceptance of the pathological diktats of the status quo.

The deep state cabal has a mental hold over their perception of what is and is not true, and rolls out the moderators, fact checkers and ‘sudden silencers’ to counteract anything that emerges as an emissary of truth. Many of us have had first hand experience of this executioner formula.

Nevertheless, ‘we the purposeful people’ are winning through. There is simply too much informative material on the loose for the thought/surveillance police to cover, in spite of their algorythmic interventions.

Their tactic is therefore to try to gain the upper hand by pushing harder on the ‘disaster agenda.’ This is exemplified by the global dissemination of the dystopian agenda laid out in Klaus Schwab’s Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The most ubiquitous cooked-up disaster is, of course, ‘man made global warming’ – with its stated solution to be the Transhuman. All steps in between are sold as vital to advancing the speed and efficiency of the ‘human to inhuman’ transformation process.

The digitalisation of life is central to the architects of control argument that humanity is incapable of managing itself and that, without their intervention, the outcome will be the complete breakdown of planetary life.

Only a race of soulless computer assisted ‘super beings’ can save the day, say the likes of Yuval Noah Harari, Elon Musk and Klaus Schwab.

Consider how this agenda plays on the psychology of those who have yet to find in themselves the self assurance to discard that which has no practical sense of purpose and no foundation in basic common sense.

The architects of control count on the majority remaining unresistant to the rolling out of their high tech hegemonic master plan. So much so that they can freely announce that by following it “You will own nothing and you will be happy.”

In the psychological battle for truth, the perpetrators of the lie have access to a vast storehouse of mind bending persuasion techniques to make their agenda seem the only choice.

They recognise that when a high percentage of individuals believe themselves to be unable to operate without a mobile phone – they will be sufficiently unfocussed and distracted so as to be unable to rebel against a fateful acceptance of slavey to the big brother of convenience.

Easily manipulated victims of digital mass hypnosis.

Here lies the rub: if the upwardly mobile urban ‘educated’ segment of society sees no problem conducting their lives within a credit card bubble of hypermarket convenience shopping, digital EMF communication systems, computer fed entertainment packages and a well paid job in a global or trans national corporation – where is the resistance going to come from?

If this genre of people are already too far gone to register an internal kick when faced by a high level plan to ‘happily’ have all their material assets taken away from them – then who or what is going to raise the alarm?

It looks to me as though only a small percentage of mankind can read the script being outlined for their future behind bars. Only a few can grasp the psychology of the insentient psychopath and his soulless urge to possess and control, at any price.

But once one moves outside the world of Godless urban shopping obsessed nine to fiver’s and ‘well educated’ university trained job hunters, a potential to get real starts to emerge.

Amongst those working people who regularly get their hands dirty, who till the fields; build shelters; repair cars; mend pipes; fix electrics and dig drains, the virtual reality digital cybernetic future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – and Green New Deal – looks like pure phantasy. The ravings of the unhinged.

They don’t need to mentally struggle in order to try to grasp the twisted logic being broadcast by the global media mafia. They simply know in their gut that it’s so much ‘bull’.

It is those who form the foundation of pyramid who hold society together. Who glue together the basic infrastructure which supports our daily lives. And it is from here that an increasing percentage reject the psychology of mental indoctrination and the promotion of a digitalised virtual future.
The ‘Throw out Green Deal’ remarkable, unified farmer uprisings happening in all parts of Europe and beyond are testimony to this. They are rising up against the imposition of phony ‘Net Zero by 2045’ rules that demand an end to farmers working the land and an end to the livestock that keep that land fertile.

These farmers are out in their tens of thousands. In Poland they are mounting month long tractor blockades of cities, supermarkets and border crossings. Coal miners, faced by being shut out by large scale ‘stop global warming’ redundancies, are joining the uprising.

Farmers say they will not cease their disruptions until their demands are met by government and by the EU.

This is the refreshingly undiluted language of genuine defiance.

It has the authorities rattled. Green Deal is, after all, the very backbone of the agenda to enslave us all to a Brave New World of synthetic everything – from food to nature to people.

The general public are in sympathy with the farmers’ actions. Approximately 80% of European citizens are on their side according to opinion surveys.

Getting a solid core of consumers to rise up and participate in this bottom up movement for the survival of real food and real farming will be vital to maintaining the momentum.

Coming from an unlikely place, a solid earthed uprising is gathering pace. The farmers’ demands are essentially for economic fairness, respect and recognition of the vital roll they play in the food security of the nation.

Under ‘Green Deal’ none of these demands are taken seriously. The WEF solution is not to support the agricultural community but to destroy it!

In the 2024 battle for truth, everyone should behave as resolutely as the farmers. The need is to be uncompromising in one’s face to face dealings with political liars and hypocrites.

We are the trustees of Planet Earth. In order to maintain its balance and equilibrium – we have no choice other than to enter into a pactless fight against all opposing forces.

Those who have land, can grow food and draw water from the well, are the last independent individuals on the planet. They are not about to capitulate to a bunch of psychos in Brussels, London, Warsaw, Washington or Paris – and nor are we.

Everyone’s life is dependent upon having access to nourishing food. Therefore everyone’s life is dependent upon the survival and future prosperity of the farmer.

Support them now in their hour of need. Their need is also your need.

They have no future – and nor do we – without a life saving revolution that re-establishes the priorities for what is actually important in life. Think deeply about this and then act on it without delay.

And if you’re left in doubt – ask farmers who actually controls the food chain. Who is really in the driving seat when it comes to feeding the world?

Rise up, all good people. Take your destiny in both hands. Vigorously join together in forging a great victory for humanity over inhumanity.

Allowing one’s self to slide into a state of abject slavery is a doctrine of the graveyard.

All those retaining some life giving red blood corpuscles know that the road to truth accepts no compromise and can never be subverted by the orchestrated opium of mass indoctrination.


Julian Rose


Julian Rose is an organic farmer, writer, broadcaster and international activist. He is author of four books of which the latest ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind’ is a clarion call to resist the despotic New World Order takeover of our lives. Do visit his website for further information





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2 Responses to The Psychological Battle for Truth – and the Power of the Farmers’ Uprising

    1. The public are not deluded enough to think there is some sinister cabal running the world. They are also not behidn the farming industry who have, in the main, turned to agribusiness instead of farming, destroying wildlife and land and polluting the rivers and soil in the process. What the public would be behind is farmers who farm, thinking about how to feed their communities (I don’t mean for free) rather than trying to make a buck. For years we have been subsidising UK farming, and we have had enough.

      Comment by Jonathan on 6 April, 2024 at 10:53 am
    2. Well put Julian. Yes the mental subjugation is real. yes there is a global political land(sea)-grab ensuing at a pace. yes, it must be everyday people that come together, enthused by this resistance. But we must avoid un-nuanced appraisals that defy the self-evident disruptions of scientific and environmental concerns on a grand scale. The fight for truth is always beset by propaganda and to counter it in any revolution requires enormous effort. but the technology everyone is attached to is part of the dissemination of that knowledge and that is also fought for.

      The farming industry has been dictated to by rent-economy monopolies lobbying and regulating law, to conform production to monoculture systems for mass market, with controls on size, quantity, supply, use of feed, insecticides etc. No farmer can uphold that as a healthy way to treat the environment. no Farmer can argue that this doesn’t affect soil erosion, the water table and micro-biotic biosphere, required for every level of the food chain. Most farmers i expect are disturbed by the changes we see in climate, bird migration, depletion of insects, etc etc. otherwise, why protest? are we saying it is purely an economic protest because of what they are forced to subsist on? Or are they perturbed that the land they’ve been forced to conform to this monoculture and mercantile model requires far too much to maintain, is less rewarding and restricting the markets open to them for export that was previously open to them?

      There needs to be a response that is inclusive of all suffering sectors of the human population and that involves by far the majority of the global population. we need to resist at EVERY level, the effort of the elite and governments to separate our interests. whatever a person’s personal conviction – we all need to get over ourselves and place ourselves in the line, to shelve our separate ideologies to deal with the reality that we are in crisis. the crisis is manufactured and enforced, just as the monoculture farming industry is. so we have to dismantle the forces that are perpetuating it. and we can do that, not just in the endless battle for ‘truth’ or principle of fairness, but economically. we have to create a global citizen’s economy that NO LONGER REQUIRES governmental ‘support’ syphoned by the elite – (the elite do not support us or government anywhere near as much as the public support the elite) – that no longer depends upon money. Let them get on with what they want to do with money. when the 99% no longer need them, we can get on with undoing everything they do by overwhelming their paltry economic control. it is tiny by comparison. These people are experts in destruction, not creation. What they do is invariably criminal, so lets drop them and do so quickly.

      Comment by Kendal Eaton on 13 April, 2024 at 6:19 am

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