The Question

When a power becomes so great that it can use that power to stifle awkward questions then a serious political imbalance has been allowed to occur.

For instance: When Adolf Hitler was in full spate it is doubtful if anyone had the impudence to heckle him.

The question

A reporter is waiting for the PM to emerge from a banquet in aid of a large charity. Soon the swing doors open and the PM emerges with his entourage. The reporter, seeing his chance, steps forward and asks his question.

‘Prime minister, can you tell us your objectives in this forthcoming war?’

‘Yes, of course,’ replies the PM with cheerful confidence.

‘It is in our national interests to open up new areas of trade and development and bring democracy to these backward areas of the world.’

‘And you’re prepared therefore to kill maybe thousands of people and cause untold suffering to achieve these objects?’

‘WHAT?’ the PM erupts; he is livid, and the minders are already moving in.

‘All right,’ says the reporter hurriedly and backing off fast. ‘Just asking, just asking.’



Dave Tomlin from Power Lines


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