The silencing of everyday Evil


No rodeos.

No bull ‘fights.’

No animal circuses.


No horse ‘races.’

No betting

to bleed.


No fox-hunting.

No badger ‘culling.’

No ‘vermin’ murdering.


No shoppers

at live animal



Fewer torturers

in laboratories.

More vegans.


More broken hearts


to crack open.


The earth at rest.

Clean air

over China.


Lobsters safe

now the boats

are tied up.


Shy elk

on Oregon beaches

in plain sight.


The croaking

…of endangered



The tentative


of a new Sanity.


Several reasons

to be



(Much work


to do.)



Heidi Stephenson



By Heidi Stephenson

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    1. Lovely

      Comment by michael on 20 April, 2020 at 1:57 pm

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