The State of things

Boris the Bozza
won’t speak to Britain.
Behind the times Britain.
Brexit Britain,
(Bonkers Britain.)
Drizzle grizzle, Navy gravy,
Bisto-basting Britain.
Bully Britain.
Empire umpire
(and now expulsionist?)
Island mentality.
A black and white situation.
Extinction rebellion fears
of the tiffin-tuckered,
infamous Five.
“The terrible thing about Bozza
is Bozza’s a terrible thing…”
Blondes have more fun,
with a hound and a gun.
Hunt mentality.
Eton rifles
still Harrow-ing
foxes, pheasants
and the food
bank poor.
proud plonk-sters
(while others thirst
for justice.)
Union? United?
Blighty blighted!
An uncommon market.
Back to basics.
Make do and mend.
(…not so round the bend.)
Rainforest orangutangs
burned and routed
for Palm oil profit…
Sea levels rising,
polar bears drowning…
Broken, de-beaked chickens
praying for fast death
in dark, A4-sized
“Money, money, money
It’s a rich man’s world.”
Rise up! Rise up!




Heidi Stephenson

By Heidi Stephenson

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