THE TRUCKERS’ SONG (in solidarity with our Canadian friends)


When I see the convoy coming
in ice & drifting snow,
I see how multitudes can
turn two small buns to loaves.
It is hope & spirit that’s coming
in that dazzling, glinting chrome
& the groundswell of congregations
beside long & frozen roads.
Church is not a building but a longing
in the soul, a plangent cry for
justice when the world has fallen
down — & television crews’ absence
proves a sad & ancient truth —
history is never written
by any but those who rule.
Yet time, slower than we like
has made its sojourn here now—
distant planets have swayed our world
remind us who we are
& shadows shall turn to righteousness
while consciousness grows clear —
have no doubt but a new dawn is here.
And those who would oppress us
have failed to comprehend those very
fundamentals in the heart & soul of man.
So let the wheels keep turning
bring evil days to bitter end & not
forget the true exalted – humble men
& women who do the work of God.
Copyright Simon Heathcote
Photograph Christian Chen


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