The dream starts first with fire, then ice.


The source of the fire is clear, stemming

From this new devastation

In which an orange man fights the yellow

He so implicitly sees at each call.


This does not refer to the tint that so

Engenders the racist, as it does

The perception of the bullying breed

With tamed balls. Strangled by whores,


Their stopped love transmutes itself

Into chaos. By focusing on threat’s

Masturbation their empty release

Damns us all. In their fat bellied swarm


Fatal stings pierce our softness

As irradiated blood lends its colour

To the enveloping skies warp and fall.

The ice that forms will be black


And carbon primed; Death’s true diamond, Fed and made by that fire as the sores

Of breath  tumour forth.  Two mad children

At play with all of the things we call adult.


Two well fed fat faces who in gorging

On heat, seal cold’s curse.




David erdos 27/9/17
Illustration Nick Victor

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