Tighten the Spring

We see the news and hang our heads
Thank god the villain’s dead
                                or locked away
But in some quiet room in town
There sits another tortured frown
                                with his mind at play
Another daughter, another son
Victims of the misguided one
                                & his quest for fame
The cruelty that was handed out
The lies that the tormentors spread about
                                I often wonder who’s to blame
The dispossessed are everywhere
So far hidden, they’ve missed the care
                                we forgot to give
Who was it cast that very first stone
The mother, the father or the foster home
                                not live and let live
Now, I’m not attempting to forgive
But I question who the victim is
                                the cause then the crime
It’s easy to create a comfortable distance
Just another unfortunate instance
                                until the next time


Morgan Bryan





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