To Survive Your Death








“To survive your death
I’d advise vaccination
Against the Void. God.

“P.S. Oblige Me
And devote your life to Me,
Then I’ll inject you.

“Also, give money
To My priests and My churches
And I will see you right.

“You’ll live for ever
In My heavenly bosom.
Mary will take turns

In breast-feeding you
With the Garden of Eden’s Eve.
Jesus will kiss you

If you’re so inclined.
You’ll have anything you want.
Leave your mind behind.”

Did I hear all this?
The voice of God in a trance?
Where did it come from?

St Anselm said God
Is simply a self-thinking thought.
Still a mindless mystery.



Heathcote Williams



By Heathcote Williams

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    1. I want to leave a comment, but find it hard to say something fitting ……. uncannily clever and witty writing.

      Comment by Francis de Aguilar on 22 May, 2014 at 2:12 pm

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