To the language lashers

For those
with apparently
no “attachment”
to heron and kingfisher
to cygnet, otter, newt
who are more keen
on the “bullet-point”
the “cut and paste”…
whose “broadband”
is too narrow
for bluebell, buttercup, beech
for acorn, adder, ash
for heather and hazel
who want to “block-graph”
catkin, conker, cowslip
and give the kiss of death
to mistletoe and ivy
for whom  the
is more vital
than dandelion
than fern
who fail to weep
over the willow
over literary extinctions
where the “voice-mail”
is more precious
than the lark
who replace “blog” for log
taking the nectar
out of nature
M an
P ower
3 trinity-traitor
are writing
out of existence
Universe –ity
…Press (ed)
Put to pasture
Heidi Stephenson
Image: Claire Palmer


The Petition to oppose the exclusion of nature words from the Oxford Junior Dictionary is here

Petition Update
Nature Words at the BBC

27 DEC 2017 — I hope everyone had a brilliant Christmas and Boxing Day. An early start for me this morning to beat the snow and get to BBC Radio Oxford to talk about this petition. We now have 109k supporters so it really seems people care about Nature, the environment and the importance of educating children to love their planet.
If you missed the radio show you may be able to catch it on this link
at -1:55:23.

By Heidi Stephenson

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One Response to To the language lashers

    1. What a wondrous way to share my petition. Thank you so much.

      Comment by Terry Jackson on 29 December, 2017 at 12:58 pm

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