If you go down to the woods today
there’s no picnic, just a rally
in support of New Labour,
who have got it in for Corbyn
and Red Ken. Teddy bears
and long-legged Barbies
with impossible bosoms
listen to the Action Man
of the moment who cannot
articulate meaning with
his poorly moulded limbs;
he cannot even shave.

Toytown is aflame with anger,
misinformation, fake news
and lies. A tinsel angel tries
to tell Barbie what is going
to happen, but she acts dumb,
tossing her long blonde hair,
pouting in permanent denial.
She cannot be pregnant,
Ken has no sex drive
and no private parts;
her god is an old man
painted on a paper sky.

© Rupert M Loydell
Pic Nick Victor

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