TRANS-AMAZÔNIA: One Road. One Forest. One Man.

Lots of encounters.




















Tiago Gambogi’s dance/physical theatre solo show, a result from a journey through the Transamazon Highway in Brazil
Tiago travelled more than 2,624 miles, across seven Brazilian states, during five months, as well as some deviations, changes of route and lots of quagmires

Trans-Amazônia. One road. One forest. One man. Lots of encounters.

This is the result of a true ‘brazilian odyssey’ – the journey / research made across the Brazilian Transamazon Highway by dancer/choreographer/actor and co-director of physical theatre company F.A.B. – THE DETONATORS, Tiago Gambogi. Between 30th August 2012 and 6th February 2013, during 5 months approximately, the dancer travelled the Transamazon Highway (BR-230) beginning in Cabedelo (Paraíba), crossing 30 localities (cities, small towns, villages, indigenous settlings), in seven Brazilian states, and ending in Lábrea, in the state of Amazonas. It was in all two years of activities, since the very start of the project in 2011.












According to Tiago Gambogi, the road is used as a metaphor between man and nature and the research material was gathered from spending time with the people who live along the Transamazon Highway. The main theme is contemporary man’s relationship with the Brazilian Amazon’s natural resources. During the journey, many questions emerged and led the process: how is Brazil 40 years after the opening of the big developing project to conquer the country’s North and Northeast? What is the body that emerges and how it reacts in regions of conflict – such as in Altamira (Pará) where is being built the Belo Monte Hydroelectric Dam? And in Carajás (Pará), regarding the activities of mining companies such as VALE?

Travelling across the Transamazon Highway, Tiago spent time with, lived, observed and promoted what he called ‘human / artistic’ encounters with whom he met. He exchanged experiences with local dance and theatre groups, musicians, videomakers, photographers and people in general.

During the journey, five different strands of actions were carried out: video interviews, free dance/physical theatre workshops, urban and rural performances, video/photographic register of places and people and a written / photo diary which was published at (

























The project represents a gathering of strategies and methodologies in dance / physical theatre that Tiago Gambogi has been developing over the last 15 years, in Brazil and in the UK.

“My commitment is to honor all the people with whom I’ve met along the way in the journey: from a panther to indigenous communities, artists, civil servants, dam builders, rubber tappers, prostitutes, workers and truck drivers.” In the piece those characters mix with each other and also in my own body. The scenes are joined by affinities and also by contrasts and discrepancies. It is a fucked, simple and poor Brazil. Extremely lost, exploited and destroyed, but generous and full of hope”, reveals Tiago.

TIAGO GAMBOGI is from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. He is a dancer, actor, clown, choreographer and co-artistic director of physical theatre company F.A.B. – THE DETONATORS, co-founded with English Margaret Swallow in 1999. Tiago completed his Post-Graduate studies in 2011 at The Place, London and has also studied at Laban Centre, CEFAR / Fundação Clóvis Salgado, with Dudude Herrmann, Ione de Medeiros and clowning with Pierre Byland, Angela de Castro, Joaquim Elias, Peta Lily and Rodrigo Robleño. F.A.B. produced 5 full length productions and toured Brazil, the U.K. and France. Tiago has also worked with some outstanding artists including Nigel Charnock, Earthfall, Grupo Oficcina Multimédia, EDge Dance Co., Angela de Castro, Marie-Louise Flexen, Institute for Crazy Dancing, Debbie Fionn Barr, Jan Benes, César Volpe, Companhia Paulo Ribeiro and Backstage Company. He has directed productions for Grupo Trampulim (Brazil), Bath Dance Forum, and for The Egg at Bath’s Theatre Royal in the UK. Short films: “The Fall of Adam”, “Johnny Dog Ear”, “Teatime”, “Isabella” and his alter ego ‘Sérgio’ was seen by millions of viewers in the UK on the Jonathon Ross show and on the BBC’s “So You Think You Can Dance”. As a lecturer, Tiago taught the Physical Theatre module for degree students at the University of Plymouth, where he also directed Gerald Thomas’ play “Ventriloquist”. Overall Tiago has worked in 25 performances, 9 films, directed 7 pieces and performed in 15 countries. Tiago has won VENUE Magazine’s top accolade in the dance category for three consecutive years 2006, 2007, 2008.

SYNOPSIS: Journey-research through the Transamazon Highway in the North and Northeast Brazil results in the dance/physical theatre piece ‘Trans-Amazônia’: One road. One forest. One man. Lots of encounters. The piece undertakes two aesthetic modes: the representation and creation of characters with physical characterization, with stories and dramatic conflicts, and the non-representation or non-conflict, with focus in the real time, utilization of the performer’s personal experiences, performatic actions, abstractions of the body.


Concept, creation, direction and performance: Tiago Gambogi

Performers in the video: Margaret Swallow, Francis Baiardi, Adam Souza, Adriana Góes, André Duarte, Ângela Duarte, Baldoino Leite, Flávio Soares, Getúlio Lima, Marilucy Lima, Meire Jane Melo, Sumaia Farias, Vanessa Viana, Osvaldo Malaquias, Grupo de Projeção Folclórica Kuarup (Kataly Fonseca, Clivia Pina, Yuri Favacho, Bruno Silva, Cleber Lima, Gisdely Castro, Layla Carolinne, Ericka Araújo), Yaguara Cia de Dança (Iara Lopes, Janinah Frankoski, Nícholas Souza, Wilton Santos), Sérgio Smith, Ana Barros, Kátia Tapety, Pai de Santo Chico Sena, D. Têca do Côco, B-boys em Altamira (Pará): Dean, Rodrigo, Fabrício, Carlos Henrique, Igor; Senhoras da Comunidade dos Coqueiros (Oeiras, Piauí), Daniel Santos, Servo, amongst others.

Artistic collaborators / provocateurs: Margaret Swallow, Dudude, Luiz Carlos Garrocho

Original music: Kiko Klaus

Additional music: D. Têca do Côco e Sr. Severino, Brian Eno, Leonard Cohen, This will destroy you

Video & Photography: Richard Bleasdale, Tiago Gambogi, Margaret Swallow, Gypson Junqueira, Luiz Antônio Carvalho, Jota Júnior Santos, TV Nazaré Altamira, Carlos Rubem, Ederson Oliveira, Lunaé Parracho, Carlos Rubem, Andrea Rossi and Lilia Tandaya

Video editing: Paulo Vilela – Tanto Expresso
Set: Tiago Gambogi e Rogério Alves
Props: Tiago Gambogi
Pole dance bars: MGB Inox and Studio Grazzy Brugner
Costume and set consultancy: Thálita Motta
Make up and body make-up: Lorena Rocha
Lighting: Leonardo Pavanello
Training and pole dance consultancy: Naiara Beleza
Partner dance training: Ensaio Escola de Dança
Press: Júnia Alvarenga
Text revision: Maria Beatriz Gambogi
Photos: Guto Muniz and Glenio Campregher
Graphic design: Paulo Henrique – NDG Comunicação
Production: Tiago Gambogi & Espaço Ampliar

Projeto Trans-Amazônia created and developed by Tiago Gambogi / F.A.B. – THE DETONATORS (Brasil / Reino Unido)

Supported by: Fundação Clóvis Salgado and Centro de Formação Artística – CEFAR; Movimento Xingu Vivo Para Sempre; Fundação Tocaia; Fundação Nogueira Tapety; Associação Dança Cariri; Alysson Amâncio Cia de Dança; Associação dos Artistas Visuais do Sul e Sudeste do Pará – ARMA – Ponto de Cultura; Rede Carajás de Cooperação Cultural; Aprodam Manaus; Secretaria de Cultura de Oeiras (Piauí); FUNAI (Lábrea); ICMBIO (Carajás); Grupo de Projeção Folclórica Kuarup; Fundação Casa da Cultura de Marabá; Yaguara Cia de Dança; Corpo de Dança do Amazonas; Contém Dança Cia; Associação Indígena Porekrô; Galpão de Artes de Marabá (GAM); Revista Caros Amigos; Comunidade Quilombola dos Potes and Comunidade dos Coqueiros ( Piauí); Atlético Cajazeirense de Desportos; AMIMP (Associação das Mulheres Indígenas do Médio Purus); Institute for Crazy Dancing (UK); FOCIMP (Federação das Organizações das Comunidades Indígenas do Médio Purus); OPAN – Operação Amazônia Nativa; Estúdio Naiara Beleza Pole Dance Art Fitness.

Sponsored by: Lei Municipal de Incentivo à Cultura de Belo Horizonte

For more information contact: [email protected] /
Tiago Gambogi
Projeto Trans-Amazônia


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