hunger awoke me

at the border

but I still remember

when the whole world

lay just outside of

that old wooden

screen door


depths of my soles

show soul’s remnants

of footprints

In foreign soils

hastily walked upon


mapping migratory patterns

of those suffering from

remittent soul syndrome

flight from the past

latitude & longitude

diary of memories

with each step

that was mistaken


silent hauntings

echo & adverb

chancing & changing

tense & reverbs

at a memory’s notice


what consequences arise

when sanctuary is

sequenced amongst

unleavened faith

along the uncertain

fragile shores

of crossing


star revelations

beneath the vast broken sky

chaotic cosmos


eons ago

a mighty ancient sea

ravaged & raged

saline flats

eels flourished

amongst reeds

eons of erosion

today I stand here

when my body

is bound &

laid below

what future ocean

shall brine my bones






Terrence Sykes
Illustration Deborah Victor Kushelevitch

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