Tilted headings rushed hour
Somnambulism of a talented
Headed for uncovering-
Naked truths, disturbing patterns
Potential that can awaken a nation
Bridges burn under false accusations
Noble cause dies sacrifice for a reason
But then ashes to dust we become
As in common parlance
Nonchalance comes with liberating truth
The crowded clasps for a crumb of a peace
To just taste the bodhi tree a bit
People mob mobility agility rush hour
Global slippage
The soul wears a overcoat and sighs
My chickpeas my smoked smile
LSD cookies for my beaded smile
Waking tipsy hungover
While my camera rolls In naked hours Undercover cop Orwellian bombs
I know the indoctrination and brainwashed fag
They say going to the crowded is righteous
I smack my stone
Over falsehood
My stormy pace to dive down
My driving seat is smudged with Self
My Individuality my awakening
My Soma sacred site.




Sayani Mukherjee
Picture Kushal Poddar


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