Twas the night before Trumpdom

Twas the night before Trumpdom, when all through the world

Uneasiness stretched and slowly uncurled
What acts will this twitter-bug do in real life
And will he cause miseries, injustice, strife?

In the UK, Brexit’s pacing the floors,
Decisions are made about closing the doors
To Europe, and people are standing divided
On measures so vague and acts undecided.

But even though nothing is clear or official
It’s thoughts and ideas that are the initial
Responses and with them are built up so tall
The borders and gates and the much-threatened wall.

And since these ideas have made so much mess
It’s time we used some of our own to redress
The balance of thoughts, and their consequent actions,
Away from the Trumps and their straggling factions.

If hateful ideas can win an election
Then we can build fortresses for our protection
Held up with words spoken out loud for the silent
With kindnesses fiercer and compassions violent.


Fatima Lahham
Montage Claire Palmer



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