Free like a cancerous


Drowned and choked

By years of abuse

Open eyes and

Spread wings

Never seeing the

Light being

Confused at the

Sight of it


Hidden messages

Viewed behind


Awake but asleep

At the same time

Leave the nest

Find your legs

Go to school

Get a job

Get married

Accumulate debt

Grow old



Not this bird

I want to fly

Above the world

With the aliens



James D. Casey IV
Illustration: Claire Palmer


James D. Casey IV is a southern poet with roots in Louisiana & Mississippi. He currently resides in Illinois with his Muse, their retarded dog, and two black cats. Mr. Casey has authored four books of poetry, and his most recent title is Owls in Hot Rods with Pink Elephants and Dead Bats released through Cajun Mutt Press August 2, 2018. His work has also been published extensively by several literary magazines and small press venues internationally. Mr. Casey spends his days writing poems, but also enjoys practicing magick, and cooking Cajun cuisine.


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