We fled underground in the fiery red-faced dawn
With the eyes of Armageddon shedding all our ties
Who will forgive or forget; this is where freedom dies
Families split, looking for shelter, food, begging for water
Sirens wail, crack & crush hearts with our children’s fear
Still, empty streets look up to dervish flashes in the sky
Then tanks and soldiers march and there’s no reason why

Voices heard across the world, this war, ‘not in our name!’
These weapons of destruction, they’re fixing in our mind
Bow down to the despot’s dream, just deaf, dumb and blind
Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose
‘Though they may never leave, the men they take up arms
Some old and frail stay behind; it’s the only life they know
I may never see you again ‘Take this memory of me, go!’

Politicians & those who preach proclaim we’ll make a better place
Bombs of ‘freedom’ fall all around, a vanished life in our Ukraine
Women and children, downcast, trembling, packed on the train
So strange that only yesterday saw happy crowds in the streets
Now we’re citizens of nowhere, refugees without a place or home
Destination unknown, beginning new life & friends, it’s safe to cry.                           
Then quiet with us, our shelter, food & drink; freedom will not die
 “…forgive or forget”  Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine
Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose  – Janis Joplin
 ‘citizens of nowhere’   in Thomas More’s book, Utopia, 1516
 Henry VIII appointed him Chancellor of England in 1529 & beheaded More in 1535
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