Unborrowed Latency

Unborrowed Latency

Five nights have past. Again see no sleep,

only facets of a mind being kept a wild secluded scene.

Yet mid the systematic associations with sleep problems

and mid so many shapes of distress,

the uncertain dimensions of insomnia can so

present elevated thoughts! Impulsivity-related

bedtime cognitive arousal can lead to

a sense sublime of steep woods.

Moreoverstill, sad music, a proliferation of incomplete

pastoral farms and even a central tenet of lofty cliffs

may be caused by thy sleep problem.


Neverthelesshow oft sleep loss in lonely rooms

impels impulsivityrolling only a rebound of sad perplexity.

This night, the mind revives again

intrusive thoughts of thy wild eyes.

And when upsetI cannot paint across-the-board

though one might try. Some years, I have this need

to reinterpret this unintelligible world;

to walk nightly, unwearied, in writing

revisiting previous, purest experiences.

and even towards something one dreads.

Good guardian of sleep and soul

the treatment of vagrant dwellers in the mind haunted me.

Thought-control suspended an attempt to avoid

half-extinguish’d worry, flying from something counter,

something other, far more deeply interfused.

Symptomatic of our life, insomnia figures

heavy and the weary weight of falling asleep unprofitable

cues the behavioral intercourse of daily life.

The banks have become positively linked to human blood.

O’er 65% of the adult working population behold insomnia.

James McGrath
Illustration Nick Victor

   Phrases in Times New Roman found in ‘Lines Written A Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey’

   by William Wordsworth, 1789. Source: http://www.rc.umd.edu/rchs/reader/tabbey.html 

   Phrases in Arial bold found in ‘Linking impulsivity to dysfunctional thought control and insomnia: a structural equation model’ by RALPH E. SCHMIDT , PHILIPPE GAY, PAOLO GHISLETTA and MARTIAL VAN DER LINDEN. Published in Journal of Sleep Research, 1 March 2010. pp. 3-11. http://www.wiley.com/bw/journal.asp?ref=0962-1105

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    1. Intricate knitting, with wit, indeed. Many thanks, and good luck to your great gifts, James.

      Comment by Paul Wheeler on 4 August, 2012 at 9:31 pm

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