Unless you want to piss me off














When I say I’m lonely,
don’t start your reply with;
Have you considered…

When I say I feel shame,
don’t start by telling me;
You have nothing…

When I say I’m unhappy,
don’t respond by saying;
Look on the…

When you see me looking sad,
Don’t smile happily
and say cheer up.

When I tell you I can’t be arsed,
don’t start your response with;
You really should…

When I ask you how you feel,
don’t preface your reply with;
I think…

When I tell you I’m angry,
don’t start your response by asking;
What can I…

When I’m down in the dumps
don’t frown and say;
I’m sorry…

When I try to tell you how I feel
don’t immediately
try to fix everything.

When I have a problem
listen and talk, but
don’t try to solve it.

When I tell you I feel guilt
don’t start by saying;
You’ve done nothing….

When I’m in emotional pain
don’t look hurt and start with;
What have I…

When you’re angry
tell me, but don’t start with;
You make…

When I say no,
please note it starts;
Capital N and ends, full stop.

Unless you want to piss me off.


Francis de Aguilar

By Francis de Aguilar

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