Unobstructed Statements

The dah dah dah of Shelley’s world’s great age via Ginsberg which is a molossus via the editor of a lecture transcript I have just read. We are here. We are death. Three long vowels. There is form and meaning being studied here, and I have to break the form to engage. I have to. We have to. I would say the necessary gravitas is in the latter. In the universal (to break the form by three beats). And we have finally broken / destroyed / decimated the time of the world’s great age, here in this third war. We are left with the ear to still hear it dying, like a jazz musician’s discordant lament.


Mike Ferguson
Illustration: Claire Palmer



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One Response to Unobstructed Statements

    1. Claire Palmer’s discordant lament pic of Shelley
      has achieved what most pics of him
      (they all derive from one familiar image) usually
      fail to do. I know I’ve tried. As for ‘this third war’
      it’s just a continuation of all the other wars so it
      can – and must be – resisted. Just as Shelley’s
      Mask of Anarchy posthumously does.

      Comment by jeff cloves on 27 August, 2022 at 5:46 pm

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