V for vincula / Deflection


I was wearing my red shirt. Slasher
In the Grey. Echo white drunk.

Glimpses of blue. Your eyes pale grey
The car was also speeding in the grey

You can say everything was grey. Everything
Was grey. The sky was heavy grey.

Conquer space and destination. Same
Lessons in dissonance. Lover oft grey.

They love me only for the gestures.
Deng and peng. Boom. Fireworks.

I’m dizzy with love. I’m a little slow. True.
I’m still and true. I’m the remake.

You’ll never know me. I’m a remake. I’m
Shadowy simple. I hurt and follow trends.

I’m perfect. Finally perfect. Complete.
I’m complete. Finally complete. Perfect.

Lover when I dive in the grey grey
Water Lover you treat me as ordinary.


Bogdan Puslenghea
Illustration Nick Victor

By Bogdan Puslenghea

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