Vegan Verbiage

Viva the vegan!

Vowing vehemently to
voice for the voiceless to
vie for the voteless to
value the vulnerable
visage of the
vilified, the violated

Viva the vegan!

Votarist of the viceless,
vascular victim, made
‘vendable’ through a
viscious venality and penchant for
violent victuals, the vogue for
vintage vinery accompaniments

Viva the vegan!

Visionary vitalists,
vouching against the
viands of veal of venison of
Viennese Wurst of
vileness, of vein-filled Vindaloos

Viva the vegan!

Vanquishing the vomiting Viking, the
voracious, the vampiric;
vanguard against the Verboten,
(vexingly veiled in
vicarage and vestry, on
vitals, in vengeful, vellum versions)

Viva the vegan!

Vibrant vegetable-votaries, of
virtue, vim and vigour, vitamin-vivid, with
nerve and verve, to make
visible the vindictive virologist, the
villain, the vivisectors of the
vocalizing, the suffering…

Viva the vegan!

Validating the vanishing, the
vital vegetation, the last great
vastness, the vestiges, the
very verges, of the
vivifying, the
vitalizing, the verdant

Viva the vegan!

Veracious, veritable, not “Vulcan,”
veto-ing the Void, not
viewing fellow beings as “vermin”…not
“volatile,” “volcanic,” “human-hating”…not
“venting vexation,” but
valuing, vindicating.

Veering away the
vapid venom of  “Sick!” of “Killed it!”

Volunteering against the too-long unexamined


Heidi Stephenson

NOTE: There are already over 600,000 vegans in the UK alone. More than 150 billion animals lose their lives to the so-called “meat industry” every year. Figures are expected to double by 2050, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Veganism is good for animals, for the environment, for global food sustainability, and for human health. (Stomach cancer, bowel cancer and heart disease are known to have direct links to flesh eating. There are also known links between breast cancer and dairy consumption. Over 115 million animals die every year in “research” laboratories.)


Happy World Vegan Month everyone!

With all the recent media interest in plant-based diets, now’s the perfect time to go vegan if you’re not already, and to encourage friends, colleagues and family to give it a go. Viva! have great online resources, for example – and we’re always here to help!

Also in the spirit of celebrating veganism, it will soon be time for the Animal Aid South-West Christmas Fayre (known as the Christmas Without Cruelty Festival in its previous incarnation!). As already mentioned, the Fayre is being organised this year by Iain Green from Animal Aid, but we have promised to provide our usual friendly team of volunteers, so please mark Saturday 24 November down in your diary and if you can spare some time to help, please contact Iain directat [email protected], giving him an idea of when you’re available and what your preferred jobs are. There are plenty to cover, e.g. serving food and drinks, clearing tables, washing up, meeting & greeting, wielding the collecting buckets, leafleting, etc. All offers are welcome, even if only for an hour or so. The Fayre is also a great place to do all your cruelty-free Christmas shopping, with 50 stalls, an all-day vegan cafe, talks and a cookery demonstration, plus our usual much-loved world music choir. Bring friends and family and make a day out of it!

Christmas Meal at Herbies
While we’re on the subject of Christmas, our annual joint Christmas celebration with the League Against Cruel Sports (a venerable tradition!) takes place this year on Friday 7 December at Herbies. It usually costs around £20 or so a head for the Christmas menu (details to follow when available), and it’s always a nice occasion, with a bit of a sing-song and a quiz. All EFFA members are welcome, along with “old” and “new” LACS group members. If you’d like to join us, just drop us a line and we’ll send you further details (please note a £5 deposit per person is payable in advance by 24 November).

Exeter Vegan Market Update
We’re delighted with the progress of the Exeter Vegan Market so far, and look forward – along with co-organisers Fairfoods – to making it even bigger and better next year. The Market is taking a break for the Animal Aid Christmas Fayre, and will restart on a bimonthly basis with a Veganuary Special on 19 January. The hours will also be extended from 2 pm to 2.30 pm, so you can linger longer over your delicious Fairfoods lunch! (See the Facebook page for more details, and further dates).

Diary dates in brief:
– Sat 24 November: Exeter Vegan Market.10 am – 4.30 pm, Exeter Corn Exchange
– Sat 1 December: Barnfield charity car park fundraiser
– Fri 7 December, 7.30 pm: EFFA/LACS Christmas Meal at Herbies

Other events and updates will be posted on our Facebook page as they arise, so do keep a look-out!

Thanks for your support,

The EFFA Team

Contact details:
Sharon: 01395 579353 / mob. 07796 581915
Martin: 01803 605009 / mob. 07971 09843







By Heidi Stephenson

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