Views from Within

I               Solitude’s Trail

A trail winds up the mountain. The wind
pushes it a little off course
and rain washes it down slope
but always it returns
to ascend. I’m only the beginning,
it says, only a thread
running through the hawk’s eye
that passes overhead. And it warns
all who would follow, Bring grief
as a companion but never
let it be your guide.

II             Solitude’s Wind

Here to sweep the darkness clean
it blows a lullaby
between the tinfoil stars. Once around the universe
and back to Earth
the wind travels light. Listen:
it’s bringing back stories
from other people’s lives.

III            Solitude’s Moon

The full moon ‘s balanced on the western ridge
as morning gives it a push into
the unknown.
                      Let it go, let it discover
what solitude has to say throughout days
with no company. Time
becomes more time,
and the planets look down from their centuries
at our minutes
as they pass with nobody
to speak to.
                    Now light
ripples across the rock face
with silence for a guide,
leaving just the inner voices
whose chatter is the static of the soul.


David Chorlton
Illustration: Claire Palmer



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