VISIBLE LANGUAGE. John Cage discusses Fluxus

Well there is certainly some
but you could also say not.
Fluxus is a different stream;
I wasn’t one of the ones,

had not even that function,
everything was arranged.
I don’t have his work now,
have forgotten his name.

I don’t like organizations,
don’t think any artist does,
am not opposed to Fluxus
but am opposed to being.

It’s simply a case of intending
not to love you or hate you.
Can you tell the difference?
We need not approach that.

I have every now over there,
doubt all that has happened,
don’t think it should be that
things have to be repeated.

They do, I think that many do,
and mean it when I say many.
There’s a great deal of work:
we have to brush our teeth,

change what you just said
into the language you speak.
I think we have to do that.
Are you speaking now?

We know what we mean
but are not able to say it.
I think we agree we should
do something very profound.

I don’t know if I’m right
but it’s an interesting list,
an interesting body of work.
Was he an artist on the list?

It doesn’t matter who made it
or that it hasn’t been made;
the perception of it makes it.
I never had any of his ideas.


© Rupert M Loydell

(John Cage photo by Paul Bergens)





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