Sound of cocking and firing of guns
Penetrating the hearts of innocent people
Laughs of little children turned into screams

Fathers lifting their children on their shoulders
Now replaced by a rifle hung on their arms
They are ready to fight war

A mother clasps her child’s hand with fear
It is not the fear of death

It is the fear of losing another loved one




Tanvi Jeph

Tanvi Jeph is a 14-year-old writer and a poet. Many of her poems have been published on national and international sites. She secured first prize in the school state poetry competition and also received the honor roll award from Times of India NIE (Gold). She has been the winner of Power Poetry emerging poets 2021 and her poetry has been published in their ebook.



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    1. Wow!! This poem is amazing!!

      Comment by Anjali on 23 April, 2022 at 8:44 am

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