We must love as a form of resistance

A new future, a time for tangible change!
Dear friends, supporters, patrons, lovers, fighters, to you who are scared and those who are galvanised, to the powerful people on this list and those feeling vulnerable…
I am sending this email as a message of hope and strength in a time of great darkness. The world is in turmoil and I know that many of you are feeling despondent and helpless. I want you to know we are all powerful enough to truly affect change in many ways.
Since I was diagnosed a couple of years ago with ovarian cancer, I started seeing a healer (who *hates* being called a healer! She’s a tough woman with buckets of attitude miles away from patchouli oil and incense!) who does all sorts of amazing stuff but mainly I like to talk to her about the challenges we face in the world. Last week I said to her “I just need the strength to figure out a way to dismantle this system”, to which she replied: “Why are you wasting energy on that? Don’t bother trying to dismantle something, it’ll come crashing down on itself eventually, just start building something new”.
It was an epiphany of sorts to be honest. I have spent a lot of time and energy trying to figure out how to kill capitalism, misogyny, racism. I made a commitment to myself in that moment to try to talk less about dismantling and destroying and more about building – it’s what many of us have been doing anyway. We’ve been building communities, events, creations. We’ve been building new paths, new ways of existence. We don’t have to buy into the rhetoric of those who are pursuing hatred – in fact we can change the language.  We can live as examples of compassion, strength and love and show what it’s like here on the other side, so that people may be tempted to join us. We can continue to work to support the disenfranchised and the marginalised and must not turn our backs on the vulnerable or those under attack but we can simultaneously continue to create spaces that reflect the sort of world we believe should be in existence.
So do not feel hopeless, friends, do not feel afraid, it may be a tired cliche or turn of phrase but really in these dark days we can be the light that people move towards – in fact, we are now obligated to galvanise, connect and share strength with each other so that we can move as one strong force.
Share your thoughts and ideas with me about how we can achieve this and I’ll share it across my social networks and right here on this emailing list.
Below are a few ways in which I’m trying to build that world. Join me, let’s not walk with our shoulders hunched and hearts aching, let’s stand, chests out, beaming smiles and combat all that hatred with conscious acts of love. This is not lip service or hyperbole – I challenge you, as I challenge myself to meet with world in a conscious way and act out love even when you feel anger, hatred, sadness. I don’t always succeed but I give it a good go, it’s hard but I’ve seen the response from people and it works, believe me – it works.
We must love as a form of resistance. 
With that, I send this with all the love I am capable of. Know that I believe, absolutely, that as we have plummeted the lowest we can go, we are know able to build up, towards the sun.
Peace, Love & Respect,
Candy Royalle + the team
Candy Royalle has become one of Australia’s foremost educators in writing. Her workshops are renowned for being both intense and unforgettable. She works to challenge participants to create from places of vulnerability whilst creating a safe space in order for everyone to do so. The day covers everything from writing, editing and performance to discussions around the obligations of artists and ways in which to get your work out there into the world. These masterclasses always sell out and there are only a few spots left, so don’t miss your last chance this year to create, make, learn and share.
Latest heart exploding, soul filling, short tea time viewing videos! 
Here’s one of Candy’s latest videos thanks to Bankstown Poetry Slam. It’s a true story. Have a listen, let her know what you think, share it around.
TRACKS - The beginnings of Transmit: Loud and Clear (2017)
Candy does a lot of work in conjunction with Bundanon Trust in Nowra. This video shows her work in action, mentoring young talented Aboriginal rappers and poets laying down their tracks. It’s pretty beautiful to watch, so get comfortable.
How you can help! Because we can’t do a thing without you. 

Since the arts funding crisis thanks to the Liberal party, it has become increasingly difficult for artists like Candy Royalle to earn a living wage. With the removal of nearly $200 Million, many artists have been struggling to pay their rent and bills, cover food costs and travel costs. This has a direct effect on the ability of artists like Candy to create and maintain a counter discourse to the mainstream. You can read Candy’s latest piece on this here.

Luckily for Candy, she has the support of 45 patrons who contribute a monthly amount that goes directly to helping her survive. The money enables her to continue to independently create art and continue her political activism. For as little as the cost of a coffee a week, you can help contribute and ensure Candy can continue to do her work. Check out her Patreon campaign here.

Merch by the people, for the people!

Candy Royalle chooses to remain a completely independent artist – unsigned, in control and free to make all decisions based on her ethical and political beliefs. Right now, this is all DIY art – she is supported by amazing fans, friends and family who pitch in at gigs, help stuff envelopes for new release deliveries and spread the word by spreading her work.

You can help too. She has a whole range including CD’s, T-shirts and USB’s plus special deals. Of course, everything is ethically and environmentally sourced and made – 100% recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible and absolutely sweat shop free clothing. That means you can listen to her music and poetry and wear her stuff guilt free – that’s double the pleasure right there!

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This article is in memory of Candy, who sadly passed last June.

By Heidi Stephenson

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