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What A Curious Experience










The poems in this collection arrived during an intense period of lostness and becomingness. They are assembled in chronological order of writing. There is no promise they make sense. If just one touches you somewhere, perhaps your limen, perhaps astride it, then our vulnerability has been shared. Not all the names are the names, but the love is the love.




Preface of an artist


Acknowledging the raw and direct nature in which all poems were created, their imagery became an elongation of such, a process of discovery. Ten colour studies follow sections of poems, created from an explosive first response as the author read them directly to me: his words, his rhythm, my discovery. From them, further monochrome works were created. This collaboration, based on the outmost respect and trust, has been a beautiful and enlightening process, one I’ll never forget.

Mai Sanchez


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What A Curious Experience

What a curious experience, of a void filled by a divine universe’s machinations.

Unseen mechanisms spring to life, undirected, no text books for reference.

With utmost creativity, the hidden hand of non-expectation brings beauty to my door.


Cold winds, wet snow, (breezy theories), and the prospect of an arid winter and spring

Cannot penetrate to my heart through cold skin and shivering muscles; as I open the door

To ever rising melodies, wave after wave of impossibilities becoming fact. It happens. Happened.


Sit still and wait. A new injunction – now with evidence of efficacy. Still: wait. And watch the waves.

The tide will come and go, unstoppable. Each onslaught followed with inevitable respite.

Perhaps the ferryman will arrive, and perhaps not. In any case, the fare is already paid.



23:13, 10th December 2017


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