What Holds Mankind Back from Confronting the Forces Determined to Destroy It?



War, on anything other than a localised dispute level, is a contrived and preplanned event based on ulterior motive.

In the era of globalisation, war is used to create a distraction from something of more lasting significance which the protagonists want to introduce under cover of the smoke and fire dominating imagery and rhetoric of the battle ground. Something that will further enslave a large body of humanity to conform to the desired end game – and at a much faster rate than would otherwise prove possible.

War is also motivated by the desirability of an economic upturn to the fortunes of the military industrial complex, and, of course, as a harbinger of chaos.

Chaos is a vital factor in inducing traumatised populations to call for a big brother saviour to end the conflict. The conflict that these same ‘saviour’ promoting elite control agents have had a major part in starting in the first place.

Given that world events are politically and economically manipulated to give ever greater power to ever fewer institutions and those who run them, ‘enemies of the people’ are easily identified.

However, the difference between a 21st century enemy and an enemy of previous eras, is that the 21st century version uses advanced psychological manipulation as the main weapon of an increasingly virtual armoury.

Therefore today’s public enemy no. 1 – is a master of deception.

Grasping this, means recognising that we have a new dimension to get to grips with in order to develop a strategy able to lay bare this deception and to explode its psychological hold over the better part of humanity.

This can only be done by those who possess the foresight and awareness which enables them to identify the behaviour patterns and motivations common to the chief operatives behind the process of human enslavement.

It includes recognising the main causal elements behind the mass hypnosis of humanity. The inducing of a state of mind (and being) which leads good people ‘not to act’ when everything around them instinctively demands taking immediate action.

On further scrutinising this dire state of affairs, it becomes apparent that there is something jamming the broader survival instinct of a great swathe of the human population.

By ‘survival state’ I mean more than somehow managing to stay alive in a crisis where one’s physical being is at risk. The state which is jammed is not this, it is at the psychic and spiritual level. That state which instinctively gives one a sense of what is right and what is wrong – and a connectedness with others as well as with the natural environment which nurtures us.

When this connected state is healthy, we instantly feel outraged that any part of this collective living entity of which we are a part, is under threat from the egregious acts of other human beings.

But when it is not healthy – when it is sick – this instinctual outrage fails to cut in. Instead, the predominant emotion is one of withdrawal and passive self preservation. And it is this retreat into a self interested cul-de-sac of indifference to the fate of the family of man and nature – which is the real pandemic of our time.

I have described in previous articles how the techno-industrial digitalised-god of mass abstraction, coupled to its promise of ‘a culture of convenience’, has played a large part in drawing mankind away from making any effort to connect to its deeper nature, to respond to the call of a higher goal and guiding soul.

A selfish preoccupation with personal preference is accompanied by an indulgence in essentially cosmetic concerns. And this comes at the very time when the world is being torn apart by pre planned and harshly enforced divisions that are vampiring human values and setting the stage for the central control system to become fully despotic.

Those able to afford the false luxury of selfish self interest at a time like this, brutally stand-out as prime examples of a complete breakdown of humanitarian and spiritual sensitivities which provide life with its true resonance and real meaning.

What we have to do in order to get somewhere in dealing with this all pervading crisis, is to pin-point the source and nature of this great deception being perpetrated on a largely non resistant mankind. Not just the technology – but that which stands behind the tech and which has hypnotised living beings into following its poisonous surveillance and control programme.

Here, once we look deeply enough, we find the anti-life agenda which belongs to that category of human sicknesses we know as psychotic, psychopathic and sadistic. Such a state of human demise holds that there is no God. That it is man who is in charge of the universe – or should be – and that whatever forces exist ‘out there’, only those that help achieve the gross ambitions of earthlings are worth engaging with.

This is a cult persuasion. It is the predominant position held by the rump of world ‘leaders’ today. Their predominant state of being, no less. The younger ones have been trained by Klaus Schwab and his henchmen to be impenetrable and immune to human feelings. This is considered an imperative in the cause of the full techno-digital take over of daily life.

So our job is to understand this. Not to consign it to a box labelled ‘sickness of the 2%’ and put on the windowsill to be forgotten. It is up to us to acknowledge our part in accepting and allowing this cult siege of life on earth.

We, the people, are at least 90% of the problem. At each historical point, when conditions offered the chance to break the dark spell, we opted out. We failed to take action and take control of our destinies as fellow human beings who value truth, wisdom and justice above all else.

We instead allowed the red carpet to be rolled out for WEF ‘Young leaders’ and other psychotic power seekers to do their worst. Helped along by billionaire ego maniacs, corporate kings, queens and vulture bankers.

And if a brave group should rise up and block-off the centre of repressive power, as in Canada for example, then ‘we the people’s’ applause is fulsome. However, on an individual basis most say “Well done them!” but nevertheless revert to an impassive state of isolation, consigning the potentially life changing event to the same box on the window mantlepiece, while ruing the missed opportunity to rise-up as one and turn the tide of history.

It is undoubtedly the case that each of these ‘non-uprisings’ is a gift to our dark enslavers. Each clampdown which follows is more pervasive and more brutal than the last.

The subsequent fear, anxiety and confusion that comes with this, is the fuel which the cult needs to maintain its Satanic regime.

This is not idle talk. Those who worship at the alter of Baphomet pledge to ensure their monster master will be well fed. Masonic temples exist within the British House of Parliament. Wherever ambition involves trampling on others to achieve desired aims, demonic forces are involved.

Washington DC, Canberra (capital of Australia), and the Vatican in Rome are architecturally designed according to Satanic symbolism that embraces and worships money and power as the supreme goal of life. The City of London ‘square mile’ adopts this same obsession and no doubt Wall Street does too – and other such centres of unrestrained Mammon worship.

The deep state operatives could not achieve their global enforcement regime without a direct link to centres of dark energy. Those most determined to be top dog will go to any lengths to achieve their ends.

This is why paedophilia and child sacrifice is resorted to within political and ‘elite’ circles whose calculated way of life is dependent on forever drawing upon the innocent power of others. Of vampiring the pure energy of innocent children and turning it into dark deeds of global repression.

So what is it that keeps mankind on its knees to those who freely indulge in continuous acts of murder?

Fear? Incredulity? Too much comfort? Cynical satisfaction with the ‘bargain slavery of the day’?

Something of each, no doubt. But more than all put together, it is my contention that the key is lack of self belief. And self belief does not mean ‘a big ego’, quite the opposite. It means knowing one is responding to that which offers guidance at the deepest level of one’s being.

Actions which come from this source are the only actions that will finally destroy the perpetrators of deep evil. There is no other answer to achieving the emancipation of mankind. There is no other force capable of deflating and defeating the Satanic vagabonds whose manifest life hating villainy spreads – almost unchecked – throughout a war torn world today.

Our true work, here and now, is to strengthen this bond we each have with our Creator and thereby to become properly prepared spiritual warriors, primed for confrontation with that which intends to destroy us and all trace of that Divine Spark which stirs our souls and makes us into real Human Beings.

Nurturing this spark to grow into a never dimming fire – this is our true challenge today. The call upon us all that will be the true catalyst to cast out the parasites and bring about the birth of a New Civilisation.

Courage, dear friends, courage. Victory is ours if we truly want it – and are ready to fight for it.


Julian Rose

Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK organic farmer, a writer, broadcaster and international activist. He is author of three books, the most recent of which is ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind’. Go to his website for further information www.julianrose.info





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    1. There is no evidence about child sacrifice within political circles, any more than the idea that lizard people run the country! Although many of your targets are correct, wrapping them in delusional conspiracy theories does not help, any more than technophobia. Most of us do not want a return to the middle ages.

      Comment by Toki Fuku on 3 November, 2023 at 8:17 pm

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