The conditioning
In ward zero
Is very tough
Body and soul
Gave it away
Conditions of oppression
That you don’t want to tolerate
And why should you
Run out into the light
Well I might walk
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss
How are we to avoid making the same mistakes
The human imagination
Unfortunately is not limitless
What do you do with people
Who cannot even
Be in the same room together
A ship of fools
Yes we must go with the consensus
But sometimes it comes with
A number of caveats
Can you hear what I hear, see
We want conciliation
Not aggression
You’ve been struggling with this
As long as you can remember
There is always that kernel inside
That won’t take with being sidelined
Go your own way
With few assurances


Clark Allison
Art Rupert Loydell







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