When Brexit comes (you will not be prioritised)

When Brexit comes
You will not be prioritised

White is not the original canvas
On which the world was colourized
Jim Davidson will not make a comeback
Chalky was not really his friend
You are not the beginning of anything
Nor the default setting
You will queue for cabbages
With a pantone nation

When Brexit comes
You will not be prioritised

God is not an Englishman
You are not his messenger
Sent to wash the world in shocking pink
Dunkirk was a defeat
A flotilla of weekend pleasure boats
Are not coming to save you
And neither is Sir John Mills with a cold Danish beer
There are no exceptions
You will be on universal credit
With Jakub, Karosh, and Li Cheng

When Brexit comes
You will not be prioritised

How you voted is irrelevant
Maggie and Winston are dead racists and their statues will be pissed on by poodles and shat on by doves
Theresa May will never be any more of a statue than she is now
Conservatism is not a natural state
It does not appear
In the periodic table of elements
The calcium in your bones
Will be at the same levels as your anarchist neighbour

When Brexit comes you will not be prioritised

We are finally all in it together
You and I

There will be no further extension
Brexit will come
It will be televised live from your living room…
And you will be the star…




Barry Fentiman Hall

(With massive apologies to Gil Scott Heron)

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2 Responses to When Brexit comes (you will not be prioritised)

    1. Hits the spot, where the White Cliffs of Dover used to be…

      Comment by Thomas Jeacock on 31 January, 2020 at 11:40 am
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