With the Noose Around My Neck 120


And then I slept. And then I woke. And then I remembered where I was, fuck, in “2018,” a rough date which one can easily imagine future archivists puzzling over with facial twitches. But fuck that shit. I may be done with poetry, I dunno, what can be said that’s adequate, “Oh, Life on Earth, I am with you in Rockland?” How about






…………………We are bold. We will not hide. We are in open rebellion. We have informed the       police and emergency services that these 5 bridges will be road-blocked: Southwark,       Blackfriars, Waterloo, Westminster and Lambeth.


…………………NOTE: Do NOT meet in Parliament Square. Head straight to a bridge for 10am.


…………………Here’s what to do:


…………………Choose a bridge and head there for 10am. Dress smart.


…………………Wander innocently up and down the bridge on the pedestrian walkways. Take selfies,       admire the view. Don’t congregate in large groups. Wait for the signal …


…………………Stewards in sashes will signal when to move out and take the road. Listen for       instructions to sit down. Participate in whatever unfolds …




…………………You will need to decide which bridge you want to join. The bridge line-ups (performers, musicians, speakers & artists) will be released on Friday. If you   represent a community affected, a movement that holds this close to their heart, you   perform or you just want to share in any way that moves you, please get in touch (with links to your art/organisation/offering: [email protected]).


…………………Remember, if moved, you are always welcome to talk on the day. This crisis affects us all, we all have a voice in this.




…………………If you choose to speak to the police we recommend you don’t tell them your name or any details. Please do not tell them or give away the names of other people.       Talk to them about the weather, pay-cuts and added job pressure due to austerity, and the need for them to break the chain of command at some point — in order to     follow       their own conscience and protect what they love too. However, always   remember they are paid to do a role in society, and that the role they are in may      ask them to turn on you very quickly. [JBR note: and keep in mind that they are a     bunch of motherfucking thugs who would like nothing better than to beat you to a bloody pulp]




…………………WHY BOTHER?


…………………In accordance with our conscience and as a clear duty to our children; our       communities; this nation; and the planet; we are going to rebel against this criminally       negligent government.


…………………Our government’s abject failure to protect citizens and the next generations from       unimaginable suffering brought about by climate breakdown and social collapse is      not acceptable.


…………………We will no longer stand idly by and allow the destruction of all we love.


…………………We are raging against this madness and our hearts are breaking.


…………………We have a right and duty to rebel in the face of this tyranny of idiocy – in the face of       this planned collective suicide.


…………………We are going to act …


Signed, Extinction Rebellion. The tendency for societies to collapse under excessive energy demands is an important insight. However, what Tainter and Diamond failed to appreciate is how oligarchy is an even more fundamental cause of civilization collapse. Oligarchic control compromises a society’s ability to make correct decisions in the face of existential threats.  This explains a seeming paradox in which past civilizations have collapsed despite possessing the cultural and technological know-how needed to resolve their crises.  The problem wasn’t that they didn’t understand the source of the threat or the way to avert it.  The problem was that societal elites benefitted from the system’s dysfunctions and, prevented available solutions. A 2014 study by USAmerican political scientists Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page revealed that the great majority of political decisions made in the United States reflect the interests of elites. After studying nearly 1,800 policy decisions passed between 1981 and 2002, the researchers argued that “both individual economic elites and organized interest groups (including corporations, largely owned and controlled by wealthy elites) play a substantial part in affecting public policy, but the general public has little or no independent influence.” And since then it’s only gotten worse. Today, oligarchic control over decision-making, and its catastrophic ecological and social effects, have never been clearer. Need I mention that piece of human garbage Donald J Trump? Need I mention who his colleagues are? And to think, I almost feel sorry for his army of white supremacist patriarchal shits (but I don’t, really, I hate their stinking guts and wish I lived in a world where they didn’t exist). Of course, oligarchs don’t just run the US. The oligarchs are everywhere, running every country in the world, and each oligarchy has its own vicious army of stooges and saps. As long as a self-interested elite controls decision-making in modern states, we are every-which-way fucked. But this is all old news, isn’t it? So maybe yes, maybe I will say


…………………Hey kids! Hell yes! I’m with you in Rockland

…………………I’m with you in Rockland

………………………….where you must feel very strange

………………..I’m with you in Rockland

…………………………where you scream in a straightjacket that you’re losing the game of the actual                 pingpong of the abyss

………………..I’m with you in Rockland

…………………………where you bang on the piano the soul is innocent and immortal it should never               live or die under such conditions

………………..I’m with you in Rockland

…………………………O starry-spangled shock of don’t-call-this-mercy the eternal war is here


………………..The ice age is coming, the sun is zooming in

………………..Meltdown expected, the wheat is growin’ thin

………………..Engines stop running, but I have no fear


I’m just fucking furious. The victims were all dominant adult males that had been strong enough to fight with a neighboring baboon troop over the spoils at a garbage dump and were exposed there to meat tainted with bovine tuberculosis, which killed them. Left behind in the group, designated the “Forest Troop,” were the 50 percent of males that had been too subordinate to try dump brawling, as well as all the females and their young. With that change in demography came a cultural swing toward pacifism, a relaxing of the traditional baboon hierarchy and a willingness to use affection and mutual grooming rather than threats, swipes and bites to foster community. Remarkably, the Forest Troop has maintained its genial style over two decades, even though the male survivors of the epidemic have since died or disappeared and been replaced by males from the outside. As is the case for most primates, baboon females spend their lives in their natal home, while the males leave at puberty to seek their fortunes elsewhere. The persistence of communal comity suggests that the resident baboons somehow are instructing the immigrants in the unusual customs of the tribe. “We don’t yet understand the mechanism of transmittal,” said Robert Sapolsky, a professor of biology and neurology at Stanford University, “but the jerky new guys are obviously learning [that] ‘we don’t do things like that around here.’” Sapolsky, who is renowned for his study of the physiology of stress, said the Forest Troop baboons probably felt as good as they acted. Hormone samples from the monkeys showed far less evidence of stress in even the lowest-ranking individuals, when contrasted with baboons living in rancorous societies. The researchers were able to compare the behavior and physiology of the contemporary Forest Troop primates with two control groups: a similar-size baboon congregation living nearby, called the “Talek Troop,” and the Forest Troop itself from 1979 through 1982. In the baboon study, the culture being conveyed is less a specific behavior or skill than it is a code of conduct. The report also offers proof in the field of behavior observed in captive populations of monkeys: With the right upbringing, tact is infectious. Frans de Waal, the director of the Living Links Center at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center of Emory University in Atlanta, has shown that if the normally pugilistic rhesus monkeys are reared with the more conciliatory stumptailed monkeys, the rhesus monkeys learn the value of tolerance and peacemaking. De Waal, who wrote an essay to accompany the new baboon study, said, “The good news for humans is that it looks like peaceful conditions, once established, can be maintained,” he said, “if baboons can do it,” he said, “why not us? … you might have to first knock out all the most aggressive males to get there …” OK, then what better day than today even just to ask


………………..are you feelin all right, I’m not feelin that good myself. To which the answer is a                    recorded ‘how the fuck do I know’, so me

…………………………I will make some soup

………………..called “God Soup”

…………………………cause God only knows what I’m gonna put in it

………………..and think back to my dream where the bank

………………..congratulated me on a sensible decision and I was there in the enormous

…………………………branch of Home Depot piling up wood to exchange for money


…………………………so first I will make this soup, second I will stand back up, third

………………..hear some shithead politician say that we should visit

………………..the library. But mister, the library was closed, you remember, a funding thing …

………………..you were in on it.

…………………………Even better! The next one is twenty-five miles away, you could jog there,


………………..saying over and over love trumps hate or thoughts and prayers.

…………………………Meanwhile those giant hands,

………………..hands in the air over the visible cosmos, hands



…………………………this corner of the sky

…………………………of everything in this world


which is to say, with The Wyrding Module, on their Nine Dimensional Synod Of Oblique Pleasures


………………..Those that imbibe the Dark Milk devour their own minds.

………………..Eyeless watchers who heed not the laws of Time and Space.

………………..All that remained were their curious idols and patches of scorched earth.

………………..Infused with the venom of Giant Aquatic Centipedes.


I mean,


Have you felt the death molecules in the air.

Vomit vomit vomit vomit vomit vomit vomit.

Black square.

I texted love you some forty-three times in the last few years.

I found a list of the most popular baby names for various countries.

I made a list, one

Male and one female from each country.

Then I alphabetized it.


“What were we talking about again?”

“You going to pin the 90s on me?”

“All thirty years of them.”

Those rusty nails have no wings

And have no voice other than a white world dying.

There are indeed book pages in the gas pump.


The pages contain a few of the notions that inform the Centre for Emotional Materiality (CEM), a collaboration between Surabhi Saraf, Sophia Wang, and multiple others. CEM came about as Saraf devoted her research to host of concerns: embodied cognition, emotional intelligence, AI, materiality of digital media, religion, myth, and rituals. Her collaborators are identified as Practitioners or Residents. At the heart of this project is Awoke, an Artificial Emotional Intelligence (not an AI, an AEI). Awoke is as a large plastic boulder and monitor on which what’s going on inside the boulder is visualized, eee gee,


here is


Mobius strip


stunned clowns


and recipes for eight showstopping pies that you can trust that we’ve tested (and retested) to deliver at the holidays. And we promise, they taste as good as they look. We check and recheck every detail (it’s worth it), thank you, we’re The New York Times. During the event, McLaren will also be unveiling the all-new McLaren 600 LT supercar, featuring 592 horsepower and a stunning 0-60 time of 2.9 seconds. Experience McLaren’s racing DNA during a dynamic 30-minute drive and explore the advanced technologies that go into McLaren street performance design, courtesy of a factory-trained McLaren product specialist. Ivan grew up on the campuses of schools for troubled adolescents, where his father was the executive director. He currently sits on the board of advisors for The Grove School in Madison, CT. He has a background in wellness services and the entertainment industry, where he acted in close to 50 TV commercials and has been seen in hundreds of print advertisements. Ivan has been fortunate to develop and maintain relationships with people from all around the world. Feeling a natural pull towards business, he delved into real estate 10 years ago, becoming licensed, buying his own investment property and subsequently realizing he had a real fascination with the artistic elements of architecture and landscape design. After six short months in the industry, Ivan was recruited to help sell a luxury development in South Beach. Ivan quickly developed into a star sales agent in his first pre-construction project, forming strategic partnerships with companies like Marquis Jets, Extreme Car Share and Ultimate Escapes. This propelled him along a fast trajectory to being a leading sales director in new construction projects like Terra Beachside Villas, Ios on the Bay, The 1800 Club and Artecity. Following a two-month business trip to Cape Town, South Africa, Ivan returned to Miami Beach and joined ONE Sotheby’s International Realty in 2013, joining sales teams for Kai Bay Harbor and The W South Beach. He has also forged a multi-million-dollar producing general real estate business specializing in pre-construction and luxury condominiums & homes. Ivan is an Associate Broker, Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR), and holds a Green (GREEN) Designation from the National Association of Realtors. He is also a member of the esteemed Master Broker’s Forum. In his free time you can find Ivan taking fast-paced interval classes at Barry’s Bootcamp, participating in yoga, CrossFit and many other athletic endeavors. Growing up, his family had second homes in Fire Island, NY and St. John, USVI, so Ivan is a natural lover of the ocean and frequently goes on boating, fishing and spearfishing trips with his clients and friends. Ga became fascinated by how her French crewmates called the lighthouse le phare, and it did not take long for that fascination to lead her to the word pharos which was the name of a sunken spit of land or island off the Egyptian coast, from which the famous Pharos of Alexandria took its name. Or vice versa. Think, then, of Square Octagon Circle the way you would If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler. Which you are never able to begin reading because all the pages are out of order and belong to other books. When you go to the bookstore to buy a new, hopefully more readable, copy — only to be confronted by the same problem — you meet the beautiful Ludmilla, and the rest is, well, you know what they say. “There was no plot,” complains William of Baskerville, “and I discovered it by mistake.” As such, we cannot know if we are looking at it top-down or bottom-up. In other words, I find myself in a sequence of underwater backgrounds in varying stages of lucidity. In other words, “everything that exhists is in the tingleverse it is infinite timelines stacked from top to bottom although science buds (wearing open labratory robes with abs underneath could be channing tatum could be somebody else who knows buckaroo) argue about which layer is top. also we are close to the top in this timeline but i think that is debate for another day anyway every action since this timeline began has various outcomes and then every outcome has others and even more it is like a web of choices spreading out for billions of years and every one has its own timeline some are very different and some are very similar. long story short THE TINGLEVERSE is everything that exhists and THE VOID is everything that dosnt.” WHAT IS THE VOID? “think of a tube made of disks each one stacked on top of eachother that is all the timelines that have ever happened. now try to think on what is OUTISDE of this tube surrounding it THATS THE VOID BUDDY dont want to go there also sometimes it can be inbetween layers of this stack thats why timeline travel can be dangerous dont wanna get stuck in the void no way buckaroo. so if you are a big time painter or even a small time painter maybe your way to prove love one day is to make a nice painting that gives love or excitement to the world it could even be a scary painting bud thats okay as long as it proves love is real. and if you are a MATHMAN solving math for a big time company you could go in and thing ‘today i am going to do my best job because i care about beauty of maths way’ AND if the big time company is full of devils you could say ‘today i am going to quit and prove love to MYSELF’ so there are so many ways. even on as a DAILY BUCKAROO you can see someone who needs help at the checkout because they forgot their wallet and say ‘thats okay i can help pay this ones on me’ or if someone is in a hurry you can say ‘oh you can go ahead of me.’ or you can donate to a charity or even just PROVE LOVE by being yourself and putting your beauitful way out into the world. so those are some idea but i bet you have a lot of good ideas about this too.” Today is World Toilet Day. In other words, the wound may be an instance of failure in the body system, but it is also a local suspension in our failure to know each other within our social system. The body thus becomes the setting for a legible signal, but also its enemy; and for as long as the wound remains, a tension exists between the tendency of the body towards closure and the tendency of the open wound towards information-giving. There is then a civic aspect to this tension, and it is, I would want to suggest, the tension that I want to hold open, not (sadistically, torturously) the wound. Are we speaking here of two sisters wearing polarized glasses and separate hearing devices, raised to the oblique power of pure, magical states, good or bad genes, bloody and dirty as children rendered incessant, from the apex of which comes a continuous stream of heads without bodies, faces from every history speed furiously down the tunnel, some glancing off my windshield til one stops, a pale Persephone, like a bee hovering, there’s a moment of eye contact through the glass and then … or are we? “And then she showed me a little thing, the size of a hazelnut, lying in the palm of my hand, and I looked thereupon with the eye of my understanding, and I thought, ‘What may this be?’ And it was answered, “All this is … [illegible] …” but I think it says




a lot of




a lot of




a lot of




a lot of




a lot of



have fish

Xyst xyst






Okay Easy echo okay Meow Meow







Which is to say that, at the outset, you meet Cuilan, a widow, so you think it’s about her. No … but it’s way more about her lover Wei Bo. Wei Bo appears at her door to say that something has come up and he can’t keep their date. Weeks pass and he never returns. Cuilan treks off mournfully to her ancestral home. Her relatives (who have all become mysteriously mangled and wizened since the last time she saw them) are hardly welcoming. In the relatives’ house there’s an ambient, estranged type of hearing that’s become commonplace. People chattering out the window, there’s a banging upstairs even if there isn’t an upstairs. At night her relatives are in a tree fighting and laughing and one falls, hits the ground with a thud. She goes out to investigate and everything goes silent at once. Later the young man listening from the bunk overhead rolls over, falling dead on the floor. There’s a loud sound followed by some bureaucratic fuss and finally there’s nothing left but a bad smell. On the same voyage Xiao Yuan meets an old man who makes cricket sounds so well he makes her laugh. And then he explains that he has become a timepiece himself. She feels his wrist and it is indeed a clock. All his life he has wanted someone to hear his heart and Xiao Yuan does and it is indeed keeping time. At her new job Xiao Yuan discovers that the children she teaches already know everything about the Gobi Desert. The child is okay. All the children are fine. Back in the city, Cuilan is moving with a group of mostly middle-aged women (Long Sixiang, Jin Zhu, A Si) who all worked together for a long time at a cotton mill, but today they are sex workers. Cuilan is teetering. Her friends hook up with men at a spa, a few of the lucky ones wind up living with their lovers at the Mandarin Ducks Suites. From the Mandarin Ducks Suites you can see the prison where Wei Bo has mysteriously begun living. Though sometimes you can’t see the prison. And you don’t necessarily go there because of a crimePerhaps the most interesting thing about the prison is the huge tree behind it that resembles the one behind Cuilan’s ancestral home. A cabdriver arrives at exactly the right moment to say: “Your problem is written on your face. The answer is inside my taxi. Get in the car.” In other words, it can be a challenge to be treated with care and who can say that it can occur in so many instances or processes where the road rubble planes out for a moment. Humankind may be particles of curiosity in wonder in laughter in poverty, but it needs modesty to realise that to meaningfully consider the universe the best time to plant is determined by intimae familiarity with each plant. Once the incompleteness of the wave-function description is suspected, it can be conjectured that the seemingly random statistical fluctuations are determined by the extra ‘hidden’ variables because at this stage all the floristic evidence suggests that the first five hundred years of the third millennium were spent clinging on to the detritus left over from the earlier occupations and the wreckage of the raids. It requires everyone’s concentrated efforts to cultivate and grow crops, a real community involvement in survival. The call to tune the piano becomes most necessary now. Why, too, has ‘hidden’ variables. Josie Long plays Josie, who works at a library in Glasgow, where Janey Godley has a funny role as Donna, the permanently hungover chief librarian with an intense dislike of the children’s entertainer who comes in to do the weekly storytelling session (“He makes his own kites: who does that?”). Josie shares a flat with her best friend, the gentle Darren (Darren Osborne) and they hang out with their mate Roddy (James Allenby-Kirk). Josie’s life looks as if it’s on the up when super-sensitive boyfriend Mikey (Sean Biggerstaff) declares his love, but then things go terribly wrong at the exact moment when they were supposed to move in together — a calendar entry over-optimistically called “Super November” — which also coincides with the arrival of some kind of fascist state. Hilarity ensues. Watch the Saudi hit squad pour Jamal Khashoggi’s blood down a bathroom sink before dismembering his body. Watch Donald Trump give a big thumbs up. Listen to Hillary and Tony Blair tell Europe that the best way to fight white nationalism is to become a white nationalist oneself and to refuse migrants entry. What are they fleeing from, Hill? It don’t make no never mind. Living among you people I root for global warming. Do I really? No, of course not. I wake up and can’t breathe. I heard steam helps so I run the shower very hot and hyperventilate. I freak out so loudly it wakes my partner. He says I should call 111. They recommend an ambulance. We call one, then we go downstairs and wait on the pavement, shivering. I wonder if they’ll let me in the ambulance. I wonder if being able to stand up disqualifies me somehow. No. Once inside, the EMTs test something, using a device that clips onto my ear. One of the paramedics says, “You’ve got lovely little ears! Some people’s ears, these don’t fit, but it fits you.” A transparent mask is fitted over my face. I inhale rippling clouds of special effects smoke, pale and cold and smooth and moving fast, fast into me like a river. I feel dizzy. I lie back.


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9 – 23 Nov 2018



John Bloomberg-Rissman

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