These words aren’t mine
I’m only borrowing them
They’re floating free, and
Now it’s your turn

Coalesced with love
They can touch souls
Igniting passions and
Swaying hard hearts

Merged with Faith
Illuminate dark spaces
Where fear stands
Safe in the shadow

Hand in hand with hope
Raise eyes to see
Above the walls
Enclosing battered spirits

Integrated with compassion
Bring kindness to where
Indifference lives
Warming the coldness within

Side by side with curiosity
Uncover and unfold
The secrets held
In us and our world

With conscience work
To speak against
The blighted appetites
Of greed and power

They mix our words
With hate and fear
Taking us deeper into
The delusional mire

Take the words that
Are ours to use
Find new ones
Befriend them all

Search your heart
And mix them well
Then offer them back
For others to tell.

Written by Francis de Aguilar©2014
Illustration: Claire Palmer







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