World King


“Above you!  I own you.  You’re the one who serves!
 World King!  Lord.  Render to me.  Do Not Respond.
 Close your eyes.  Listen.  Obey.  You will be healed.” 

          Was there anyone                
                                   who really understood his words? 

                      Any place left he could be still            
                                                             yet feel he once belonged 

         The final reckoning;       
                            he crept out quietly, reputation sealed 

         Stories true at every compass point;
                                                        spread by flightless birds 

         Hiding all his deeds, secret desire
                                     in the minds of those he wronged 

         No grave, no stone, no peace;
                                     ashes spread upon a distant field



                                ©Christopher  2022

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