for Richard McKane

Walk the conventional lane,
everyone in their hideaway.

The skies are grey.

You walk some way
before you can go off-piste.
It is the same any day.

It means you brave the path
flooded by the winter stream,
the earth churned red to mud
like blood.

And the day edging twilight,
and no one in the world around.

Christmas is any day
you decided this Advent

as it is for all the outsiders,
the visionaries and the homeless.

Everyone else is eating the earth,
or so it would seem.

At home in solitude
I am the stranger by the roadside
collecting bits of litter.

I know my place, and knowing it
I am at peace.


Jay Ramsay
Illustration Nick Victor

Xmas Day 2016
Two Mile Oak, nr. Newton Abbot, S. Devon


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