Yet still I fall

Every little bit

Of our bodies



We were made for each other.

But sometimes I can’t breathe

When you’re near,

Though more often when you’re not.

When I fall in love, I fall in hard.

Elated and anxious at once,

I fear both being smothered and rejected.

How can that be?

Because I want you to smother me.

And so I wonder

If the treacherous journey

Has already begun.

So I step back,

Take a breath,

And ask myself:

Is this love,

Or just lust?

I ponder the difference.

Is one better or worse?

Or are they the same

With a different name?

Maybe it’s both.

Love and lust.

I love you.

I lust you.

My life in your hands.

It’s hard to be vulnerable

When a lifetime of loving too much

Leaves me weary.

Yet still I fall,

Just like the last time,

Finding courage, somehow, where little remains.

Amanda Law
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