Zombie Pinocchio

zombie pinocchio

I don’t hate you if you’re squeaky clean
and conform – I don’t hate you if you ‘ve sold your soul for scraps
and a bed to sleep in but if you’re a yes man from a corporate tower or a pop
shill shovelling shit down my craw and synching wilted spinach and insta
feeds of your designa draws on my news stream tread lightly

Maybe you’re a sex tape bore or a sycophant surfer or part of the stinking
orthodoxy then please tread lightly

If you’re an executive dollar pimp, sucking away on sunny tax breaks
you know you’re stealing bread from us the 99 percent spreading political
syphilis a deadly virus that preys on the weak and feeds greed with greed
if you’re a zombie Pinocchio pulling a swiz, the classic bait and switch
please tread lightly

I see shrink wrapped egos and pussy balls spreading racist jam like
Un canned spam, you’re entitled but please tread lightly and if you’re
a side lines thinker fencing your bets on the moral edge – please tread lightly

If you want to dump your rump on the environment and listen to the trees
scream for mercy then please tread lightly

if you believe in magic and sparkle dust then march on – dream strong.


Saira Viola
Illustration: Elena Caldera



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One Response to Zombie Pinocchio

    1. What a brilliant piece of poetry and knock out art work . Strong powerful . Moving .

      Comment by Pippa on 31 March, 2016 at 1:14 pm

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