A VERY BRITISH COUP V7 Jah Wobble from JC Carroll on Vimeo.

Brexit is finally here, with the UK leaving the European Union on Friday, January 31. At the end of 2019, Jah Wobble gathered up a Who’s Who of British Post-Punk to record protest song “A Very British Coup,” including his old PiL bandmates Keith Levene and Richard Dudanski (they all played on PiL’s Metal Box), plus The Pop Group’s Mark Stewart, Killing Joke’s Youth, with Screamadelica producer Andrew Weatherall behind the boards. The Video was Directed by another Punk Alumni JC Carroll from The Members “A Very British Coup” was released as a vinyl-only 12″ but now with the day upon us, the single and a few remixes will be released digitally on Friday. You can watch the video for the song now:

Read More: Jah Wobble, Mark Stewart & more team for anti-Brexit song “A Very British Coup” | brooklynvegan.com/jah-wobble-mark-stewart-more-team-for-anti-brexit-song-a-very-british-coup/?trackback=tsmclip

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2 Responses to A VERY BRITISH COUP V7 Jah Wobble

  1. Cy Lester says:

    Inspiration never dies, if you are a true Brit!
    What do I do here, Sarge?
    You go over the top. Whistle-blowing.
    You are now the target, chum!

  2. Editor says:

    RIP Andrew Weatherall
    April 6 1963 – 17 February 2020

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