Artaud Says


Andy Leighton

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  1. Claire Palmer says:

    Wrote this the other day…in the light of the demise of Christopher Hitchens, famous atheist, and Kim Jong, famous deranged dictator, oppressor and tyrant of North Korea, it is a ponderous and tongue-in-cheek look at what awaits us all on the other side.

    What if God was a Cat?

    If God turned out to be a cat
    What would you make of that?
    Would you ask forgiveness for all the times that
    you hadn’t been kind to cats?

    If God turned out to be a turkey
    Would you be feeling quite so chirpy
    Eating God’s only son on his birthday?

    If God turned out to be a fox
    It wouldn’t look too good for toffs
    On judgement day

    If God is karma, this would bring
    Kindness, love and understanding
    An end to suffering
    So maybe God is everything

  2. Alison says:

    One day,
    Down by the River,
    God forgot everything.
    “Do you believe in the transmigration of Souls?”
    He asked the water.

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