cat-blogger blues



I’m writing on my bright screen

with a cat upon my lap

I’m writing on my light screen

a sleeping cat upon my lap

then she jumps up on the keyboard

as she wakes from her catnap


now she’s out there in the ether

where she speaks to cosmic cats

she’s out there in the ether

where she purrs of this and that

she’s a cosmic cataloguer

with a very happy knack


she skitters on the keyboard

an acrobat in cyberspace

she’s no kitten on the keys

an abrocat in cyberspace

what she’s writing is a secret

she won’t let on to my face


she speaks in cat to other cats

she has a following for sure

she speaks in cat to other cats

and her style is haute cature

no human soul can understand

her cataclysmic caterwaul


in her catechistic catacomb

the world is at her paws

in her catechistic catacomb

she gets her just applause

cat-bloggers of the world unite

you’ve nothing to lose but your claws


it’s a catastrophic dream screen

for every human keyboard op’

it’s a Catablanca film screen

for every IT-savvy mog

I got those cat-blogger blues

I’m in a catatonic fog

I got those cat-blogger blues

lost in catatonic fog



Jeff Cloves
Photo Nick Victor

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2 Responses to cat-blogger blues

  1. It is stupid to impose this wonderful poem on Twitter, and not to allowed to be posted on Facebook.
    I tried an tried to post it on facebook and it is IMPOSSIBLE .
    What are your reasons , if any ?

  2. I have already complained because your paper doesn’t allow for posting on Facebook. I do not understand your policy but it is rather arrogant and unfair. Please make your article available , not only on Twitter ( that not many people use )

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